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Pivotal moments into his career nervous rational person from unloading company company trucks as a teenager to sitting at the head of that same company. And as of this coming January leading. America's CEOS we're not trying to make a political statement here. We're we're just trying to help create a safer environment I'm CNBC producer. Katie Kramer. It's Thursday November twenty eighth nineteen spot. pod Begins Right now. These are the sounds of holiday shoppers at Walmart. The largest retailer in America bringing in almost four hundred billion million dollars in sales last year. It's also the biggest private employer more than a million and a half Americans work at a Walmart recently. Becky quick sat down with the company's leader Delaware Maryland. Ellen okay. That's just one two three four. Five McMillan's job is enormous. Think of those one point five million workers they call the associates and twenty one consecutive quarters of sales growth in Walmart stores. That's a streak. That Wall Street hopes will continue. And as you'll hear from Macmillan in this interview and in past comments he's made that will remind you of his job description. It only grows walmart has been thrust into the center of the debate on gun control in America following a deadly shooting shooting at one of its stores in August. A gunman walked into a crowded El Paso Walmart on a Saturday morning and killed twenty two people that location has only just reopened. Now the shooting shooting and policy changes since have made the job of CEO of the country's biggest retailer. A role of national importance will bring you all of this exclusively I beckon. Hi Katie I in this episode of Squawk Pod. Let's catch up with becky quick. Let's talk about Walmart. The biggest retailer in terms of sales in the US one of the biggest biggest employers in the entire world And run by a guy named Doug Macmillan yet. What cracks me up about Walmart is right around the turn of the century they hired and more people than anybody on the planet with the exception of the US government or the Red Army in China? That's still the case today They are a massive employer. They are massive in terms of their reach. I think about ten percent of. US retail sales are just walmart so ten percent overall US retail sales walmart. Doug Macmillan melon is a guy who started there when he was a teenager started working in one of their supply distributions warehouses. And he's been there ever since but he's done just about everything there. We are just getting news of some significant management changes at Walmart. Doug Macmillan has been named to succeed Mike do as president and CEO. This is effective defense. I you had all the stuff going on in Mexico last year with alleged bribery. You've had poor worker relations and then you had this Ohio Walmart recently. Which announced a food drive for its own workers? You can't deny becky that Walmart has been for deserved or not. The subject of a lot of men. How long when you've been covering Walmart is a company? I used to cover retail for the Wall Street Journal I started back in the Nineteen Ninety S. I think it was one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. It's crazy to think about the largest retailer in the world then kind of rebooting itself and deciding that it's going to create a whole new way that it's good.

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