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Traffic whatever the next ten years spring will be here to let you know one oh six one FM talk federal judge Emmet Sullivan refusing to drop the prosecution against former national security adviser Michael Flynn sold in hiring a trial lawyer to try and convince the justice department why Flynn you should still be prosecuted California congressman Devin Nunez blasting the prosecution of Flynn this started as a dirty campaign operation run by the Clinton campaign at some point they got dirty operatives involved including the dirty cops U. S. senator Marsha Blackburn told fox news Sunday morning futures the people need to be held responsible for Flynn's unmasking it is about time that they did an investigation and we need to bring all of these people before a state judiciary if we need to do criminal referrals we will do those we're looking forward to the German report lane was charged with knowingly lying to the FBI over possible Russian collusion in the twenty sixteen presidential election the charges were dropped after reports of FBI misconduct surfaced and charges are filed in a Michigan nursing home beating boxes enteric has the details a twenty year old Detroit nursing home patient is charged with assault authorities say he recorded beating his seventy five year old roommate and later told nursing home workers the older man fell out of his bed Jaden haven of Ypsilanti is charged with assault larceny and stealing a financial transaction device the roommate Norman Bledsoe was hospitalized with head injuries and Carrick fox news and chief executive officer of the American health care association and the national center for assisted living mark Parkinson joins the fox news Sunday to discuss the viruses impact on nursing homes a person can catch it show no symptoms and yet still spreading we had visitors coming into our buildings we had staff members in our buildings closely interacting with residents as they need to to take care of them and we were unwittingly spreading the.

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