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Domini bullshit. I have a nomination for new soundboard clip. Yeah. Can we find flares? I kill yourself. Yeah. That's a good one. You think I'm not better than Bret Hart? Kill yourself. Natalya. And then the best part is Dean Ambrose laughing. Charlotte looks horrified. Yeah. Oh my God. Not again. Right? Yeah. She dropped him quick after that. Yeah. So they make fun of McIntyre so drew comes out with the sword, but then hardy appears behind Corbin and gives him a twist of fate. Drew hits moss with a claymore. And then drew and Jeff put on moss and Corbin's hats and they were also shirtless in jeans. They looked like strippers from magic Mike. Sure. Yeah. So, pretty hot. There you go. The hottest new tag team in WWE. Literally, we'll talk about Jeff Hardy some more later. Yeah. Well, I mean, if you want to learn about hottest men, we get a bracket for that. That is true. Yes. Yeah. One of our fans made the hottest male superstar of all time bracket. So we'll be doing that in the next couple of months. And I was thinking February, you know, 'cause it's about love. It talk. Love and cock. Love and cock. New movie coming out. Or maybe we should do it on March 17th, steak and BJ day? Oh, okay, we'll see. And we're gonna do that here. Yeah. It's not a good idea. The bracket or steak and BJ. No, they can be cheated. I'll bring the steaks. Shit. We'll also bring those things. Shit. I don't like cooking. Whatever you want. No, look, I really don't want to suck your guys dicks, but I really, I just really hate cooking. Really? I really don't like it at all. And you've had Eric steak and it's pretty good. Yeah. Yeah, it really is. Yeah, you gotta work for that gravy. Yeah, boy. Welcome to 2015. What's wrong with wrestling podcast? Fuck yeah. We gotta do something to keep ourselves entertained because it ain't this shit. What do you mean? Next up we have another kill Bill video for xia Li. No. Oh, yeah..

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