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Right I'm fine thank goodness fake news all right here we go we've got a pair of the aliens network fake news has his own anytime of the five arise and some of the locations they're good with the real movies we open so your your stories and then we'll we'll have to go second you're very all right story number one try to capitalize on the GP shortage a company that makes the particles is they're all selling the potty hose hooks up to your your faucet in the kitchen and sorry in the bathroom and you can use it to wash off the poly hose sells for just nineteen ninety five two Virginia teens allegedly recorded themselves coughing on produce in a local grocery store last week uploaded the video on social media of the ins and outs because the panic over the outbreak in Purcellville Virginia that's one of our north west of Washington DC story number three while everyone is distracted with the corona virus New Jersey city has just approved changes to its noise control ordinance to allow the Islamic call to prayer to be broadcast five times a day via loudspeaker the first call to prayer begins at six AM one story one but what it does is run out of the story to Virginia teens Palmer a recording coughing on produce in a grocery store as.

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