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Dave Logan Julie brown in for Rick Lewis and Kathy Lee they're on vacation this week and it's in Aurora will open with you on cable news radio morning this week good morning I thank you for taking my call I'm in my late sixties and my concern is senior citizens who still have the energy to go out and buy groceries and I saw on social media especially Facebook and I posted it to cancel for markets just maybe have a you know maybe two hours in the morning where you have to show ID we at least sixty five and older and you can go in a shop with another this crowd of youngsters towards our younger people you know just just grabbing everything give them a chance give us a chance to do you know what will be you know buying the thing said we absolutely need but at least it gives us senior citizens the chance to go on the market without being scared that we're gonna have to fight not only not find anything but just the crowds swarming everywhere yeah I think the issue thanks very much for the call I think that's I think that idea manifest to know it has been talked about I'm not sure it's been instituted in in other markets but that'll be something that that will continue to monitor I think that would be a good idea I mean I really do there there there are there is a limit eighteen hours of interaction some stores are right Walmart is I read yesterday Walmart instead of being open twenty four hours a day now is gonna shut overnight to allow their stalkers to to work in the store and put more items back in there I I I don't think it would be that difficult to say at that that this one hour or two hour time frame we're gonna limit who can come into our store to only those over the age of and then fill the blank that's one time you want to be carded when you're older right good point right I think king soopers is doing that too I think that there are shutting down I think was eight o'clock so that they have people a chance to stock you know what was out of stock and also Nancy I would reach out to people and people that know L. older people reach out and ask them if you know when you're going to the store can you pick up a few things if that doesn't happen as immediate as you would like I think there's a lot of people out there that would certainly say yes to that request yeah I agree our number choose me our number is the three oh three seven one three eight five eight five Julie brown in for Rick Lewis and Kathie Lee I'm Dave Logan good morning this is Kayla coronavirus in Colorado what's happening in our community what do you need to know every morning from Colorado's morning news cases of coronavirus continue to rise in Colorado sports real feeling a huge impact of the corona virus pandemic in.

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