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Twenty percent off employee discounts, forty percent off. Maybe it's an unlimited employees. I think you're gonna. I think you're going to have the doorbell rang one evening. There is outside a man dressed, like a Butler tuxedo with a cummerbund entails, and you answer their news Mr. Strang's in euro, yes, pulls out a case like a little pirate treasure chest, opens it up inside. A carbon fiber card. And he's, he says, my name is Jade. Raja chilly. He waits today. Jeeves comes with the card keys. He is your Chili's concierge. Okay. You know, and you're like, you're like a man. I'm really craving some some, some baby back ribs. And he's like at home or the restaurants. Apron got a cooler, he's pulled behind him, and he starts cooking him in your home. Chef. He's he's Roger. Chilies personal chef sent by. I mean, there's an army of these people. Who spent, you know, quivalent of like a med school degree training to be Chili's concierge of of the two brothers on the only one who worked at a Chili's. Yeah, I actually fired. I was on the inside and and he has the love. Well, these loved by the restaurant. The restaurant. Well, obviously weren't too impressed. Actually start something where the in five years, the Chili's black card is cooler than having your AmEx black already cooler than having. Because if you have enough. Enough credit, they'll say, I'm going to spend money, they'll probably give you Walter wealthy, incredible credit. You know, it's been millions of dollars. You can get in the car, but you know, money's not gonna buy you a Chili's, no black card. This is this is not about only. The only criteria is love. I would really like to polo black card. Can we start asking them? Can we just start deciding where we. They don't. They don't like me. They don't. They don't. DM's like Chandler. But a lot of people don't need to love us back. Chili's is like, they love me. I love you. I mean, like Chili's is like excited, desperate girl. They responded that they love now. Phillies. Is the prettiest girl to dance friend. Everyone. She. Sidling not saddling. She doesn't saddle him. She side. First of all. Are you? Are you saying she's the prettiest girl the dance? She doesn't know it. No, she knows. This is the one. Glasses off and put her hair down. You're like, oh, I didn't recognize. The Princess diaries. Mislabeled. Chilies girl. She is. On twitter. Dan. So nanny says she knows the one when she sees. Waiting. Her whole life is right. Waiting her whole life for that. That ranch trip of goals with the golden slipper. Everyone has come all everyone has come around in and tried to women her. The one that holds the the founded jam with Chili's is a cute girl that everybody knows. And she made it on homecoming corporate. She was at the Queen and nobody dates her, but everybody loves her. And then suddenly suddenly this really cute guy who loves to play poker mongo. Notice. Down dead wrong. And I and I do not mind saying that. Here's my proof. Yeah. Go to Chili's tonight. Friday night. We all around seven and see how hard it is to get in. She's the prettiest girl..

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