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We look at the one to three year Mark, 29%, well, guess what that falls into? That falls into my 30% window that make it more than 20 episodes are usually a year or two. Three to 5 years, 15%, 5 years, 14%. So if we look at this number, 29 29, it's 58% of this group is one to 5 years that we're sampled in this survey. But this is an amazing this is I mean, this to me is like Houston, we have a problem. Do we really? We do. I think this is also, this is indicative of a medium that is growing, too, growing fast. It's also a sign of there is a flow of new life coming into the medium. It's not full of people that have been podcasting. That's true. It's true, but at the same time, this screams to me that there's an education need out there. So we have this highly educated, making a lot of money, podcasters. Right, but knowing how to podcast. 40% of them, I'm trying to read into this. Maybe I shouldn't too much here. But what real screams to me is that this number should be much higher in the one plus year category. It this screens to me of two things. Yes, a lot of podcasters, but a lot of failures. Well, it's 54%. No, it's a 29, 42, 42% are under a year. Say 30, 40, yeah, yeah, 40 was at 44%, or have been listening for up to 5 years. Yeah. But then again, the question that they ask is, have you ever created or are you creating? So remember, this could have already included people that pod faded. But being that 42%, 42% of these people have listened less than a year. Right. That ties together to some parallels that it's worth that's probably its own whole talk on study. You spent a lot of time writing these two things. So, I think. This is a growth and listeners. Okay, when we have year two, three, four, 5, 6 data on this. And if this number doesn't, if these numbers don't roll up, what's going to be important to know what the distribution of is people that are actually broadcasting. And given these numbers, yeah. And how many have already pot baited or quit or so, no. We might be a very educated, very deep in the pocket group of people, but it's amazing to me that 42% have been listening under a year. That just, I saw this, and I was like, my head actually, I'm like, I did one of these. I'm like, what? What is this? What? I'm reading way too much into it, but I was like, so yeah. And not surprising creators extremely receptive to advertising and podcast. 7% dislike. 10% generally dislike. So 17% say yuck 80 3% are okay. So I guess that's good. I guess we're going to find some more stuff out at podcast movement when they talk about ad loads and that's the next one we're going to it's going to be a lot of advertising stuff in the next one. So these are creators and their feelings about advertising. In podcasts that they are listening to. Right. I think it's easy to confuse this with, I guess, this would map to what they would do with their own podcasts, maybe? If 83% of podcasters want to advertise, I would eat my hat. But that would be inconsistent, right? If a creator is extremely receptive to advertising and podcasting when they listen, you could conjecture that that would be fairly similar to their openness to having advertising. Where 50 podcasts yeah, 52% are interested in often find useful. So that fits more into the category of, yep, I would have advertising my podcast where 31% was don't mind them. And in case they find them useful, is there anything maybe our data trends here, but the next question that they should ask is, do you want advertising in your podcast? Yes or no? What is that number? All right, let's keep going here. Compared to hearing advertisement in other places when you hear ads on podcasts, how like your to consider the brain advertise. 44% said much more likely. I'm in that category. 32% somewhat more likely 19%. Neither likely nor unlikely 3% someone less likely in 2% much less likely. That's to me is kind of shocking, but. I think we've always known that the receptivity of listeners to podcast ads on dusk skew pretty heavily on the favor favorite side. I guess it depends on the ad though too, right? All right, creators support each other. In the past 12 months, have you given money to support podcasters? Yes, 68% no 32%. And I would put myself in the yes category on that. Now, this is paying for a description. Have you supported someone else? So 68 yes, 32% known. You're 32%. Get out there and support shows you're listening to. Creators support each other. Percentage of podcast creators are currently engaged and listed behavior, pay for a podcast description, Apple podcasts, 60%. That, and this number pay for Spotify premium 75%. They don't say pay for Spotify premium podcast. They're saying pay for Spotify, premium. In other words, paying for the subscription on Spotify, pay for podcast description on Patreon 48. This blows me away, this number here. I'm like, wow, really? Yeah, but I mean, isn't Spotify premium mostly music related? I think if you get a premium podcast on Spotify, you have to pay more. Just because you pay for Spotify, if you subscribe to Spotify, I think that Spotify premium. Right, and that's an ad free offering, which I know is huge. Right. But they don't get. But yeah, but they don't get premium podcasts for that payment..

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