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A few times a Jefferson Shoshu wants to drink with you as okay, and you'd go like two or three guys that were chosen to go drink with Ricky Choshi who's one of the biggest stars ever use your beer? And it's like it's dark beer, and I hate it and could barely drink adapted, drag it down that I know the Dr Mike, can I get off the beer and a train and get something else here? But like you say, you don't wanna insult entirely. What am I going to say? No, he's going to make me do it anyways. You ever drink with Harley, like you mentioned that you did? It was really good stories of that. I've got a couple. We'll go back to what we were talking about to the Harley store is one time we're fourth of July Harley told it would be way will be. We had like six or seven cases of beer, and there was maybe ten of us there right by the end of the night, we had to go get more beer because I was gone and then Harley. Ended up pulling out crown Royal. He really liked to. So we're doing crown Royal shots along with our beer. Well, then the fireworks started going off and Harley was always aren't fireworks, and he went inside. I don't know if you knew this big gun collector, you know, huge gun collector. So he comes over the saw shotgun. He goes watch this. I'll think that boat right there and he starts a little shotgun. PJ comes over and takes the gun away from Harley race, and you know, you're not, you're drunk, you're not gonna do this world giggling and she walks inside and he pulls out a forty five because I wonder what she's going to do with this. It was like, oh, he's gonna shoot. This is the famous Harley story of like with a big cigar sitting in a chair. Hey kid, what's your finish? Yup. As a diving headbutt from the top rope and the punchline is. All move. That's right. I'm always heard, what's your finish and you'll say, go out kick out. All right. Do you still talk to Harley? I have. In fact, this last trial camp ring of honor sent me down as a coach. Okay. To show that, hey, this camp works. You know, I'm a product of the camp not only in my product of the camp, but I'm product of the Harley race school. Right, right. So they really liked it. I went down there and and it was me rocky Romero from new Japan. Gaito new Japan, Steve Krino from WWE. So we are all the coaches and stuff, and I thought that was awesome for sure. Here I was, you know, years ago that real nervous guy in nam Anoma coach, I remember I told the guys, like, I know you're all nervous. You don't look at, but I know you are. You think you're all being judged. I said, just do your best knows getting a job right now. Learn and become better because that's what I did. Yeah. So I got to see him. Then he wasn't doing as well as getting these little. Yeah. Yeah, slower. He's always kind of in the chair. Yeah, but it's fine lost. Some Assam was that one of the shows in Saint Louis, and he's, I was gonna say, hi to him. I, I never had any real relations with them, but I always make sure to go say hi because that's one of the ultimate brothers of all time. And every time I shake his hand, he's, you know, kind of the frail old man, but he will shake the shit out of your hand, man. He has the largest hand, yes and yes, Houston, he's a registered chiropractor or used to be. So if we ever got hurt during camper back, he would work on us. Oh, no kidding. It was the most painful thing you've ever experienced. My dad used to play pro hockey plays in and show for ten years, but his minorly days us in Oklahoma City and he told the story, but one night he they went up to the bar in the in. The boys are in there and it was like the Oklahoma blazers against the rest of that. He said he was totally Toya's toward this guy, had curly blond hair, and he spoke in a cigar and they were pushing each other. And finally they broke it up and I was like, yeah, I'm looking kick your ass..

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