Ukraine, Putin, Biden Administration discussed on BBC Newshour


From the desert storm in 1990 1991 He was the broadcaster for Saddam Hussein what was going on during that war Everyone was laughing at him because he was lying in a way that everyone could see Well your last guest was its credible as Baghdad bob And it was amusing to hear him talk about a Russian tennis play with bank accounts and houses in the west The same is true of all the Russian leading and Putin's daughter losing the west A propagandist for the Bolshevik TV program is an American citizen and has an apartment in New York All these guys have their assets in the west in the United States and Britain and France Because they don't really believe in all the propaganda that this viewing out So it's actually very sad but sad first and foremost for the people of Ukraine That is the point We're going to hear very shortly from a woman in Ukraine Who is petrified because husband has volunteered to be a military doctor The people of Ukraine are asking for help Are they getting enough help No Are the west has been far too timid including the Biden administration Why have they been timid Well I think that first of all they didn't want to understand that Putin is a serial aggressor whose objectives go beyond Ukraine And their tenant because they forgotten the great lessons of the Cold War which was that western strength could stop Kremlin intimidation and Kremlin aggression Every time someone says we can there are so many apology Well let's not say I apologize for putting There's so many people who are rather weak need who say well we can't oppose Russia and Ukraine because they have nuclear weapons that will be in a nuclear Holocaust Anyone who knows history knows one the Soviet Union was much more powerful than Russia's today They know too that we had to stand up to the Kremlin in Berlin twice and during the late 40s for the Berlin airlift in 1961 when they built the wall And of course over Cuba in 62 So now what should President Biden be doing What is the one thing that he should do immediately I would say there are three things First of all we are sending weapons to Ukraine now We need to send more And we've been shy about studying more advanced stuff We need to send Ukraine every stinger that it needs to take down Russian aircraft Two we need to impose the biggest sanctions we have at our disposal right now That includes moving them from swift That includes sanctioning the Russian Central Bank And I believe this is doable but I'm not an economist saying that Russian sovereign wealth fund And of course hundreds if not thousands of senior Russians not just a handful And finally finally we need to use our great information resources to send real information into Russia via social media about the Russian soldiers who are dying and the Ukrainian civilians who are dying because of Putin's war We heard from sorry to interrupt you but we heard from a Ukrainian MP who said the thing that they need the most is for the U.S. and the west to enforce a no fly zone over Ukraine Should that happen now Could that happen now That may be a bridge too far I understand I understand the value of that to Ukraine's fighters But to do that we would directly have to confront and maybe even take down We'd have to deal with all the Russian anti aircraft as you anti air capacity Their S 400 missiles which are located in Russia and in Belarus She said she said that if that was not enforced Ukraine would eventually fall I don't think Ukraine will eventually fall because the Ukrainian people are fighting And if we can provide again the weapons that they need they will ultimately win in this battle You know people in this part of the world you must hear their pain it seems that the world is ignoring their voice I agree with you that we need to do more I think that we are hearing their voices I'm not sure this is something again the no fly zone I'm not sure this is something that even a person like me who understands the stakes can well obviously I don't make the decisions But something really really difficult to do John herbs there who was the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine between 2003 and 2006 as we heard earlier in the program from our correspondent Damian McGuinness now Germany throwing its weight behind those calls to ban Russia from swift the international payments system.

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