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Into his hands before the linebackers are able to show up tonight's job of converting their on third down, Bob Counting down 9.5 minutes to go here in the third quarter on the shotgun again, his book first out in 10, Notre Dame from their own 21 yard line. A gap pressures picked up book drops back to pass, trying to extend the play. Now he tucks and runs and dives ahead. A 24 yard line didn't have many options with Tide linebacker Dylan Moses tracking him a three yard run free in book. It's just basically a tube to wide receiver route with a check down and nobody was open and I mean, absolutely no one. So it's an easy formation and play in which Alabama can defend. They do it easily. Forces he and book to keep the football but he's able to pick up a couple of yards to keep them on schedule second and seven Notre Dame from their own 24 yard line, trailing the number one team in the country by 14 points here in the Rose Bowl, third quarter action Look to pass he comes to the website was big tight, and the freshman Michel Mayor and mayor is gonna have a first down from Notre Dame as he has a 10 yard reception. He is one of the breakout young players in all of college football. First down Irish 35 receptions coming into the game, and you hear you hear me Keep talking about on schedule. Because Notre Dame their goal, every possession is to get to third down in short to medium to five yards a little bit easier to call plays and convert against this outstanding Alabama defense left cash for the Irish from their own 34 yard line, short pitch to the right side to tie reef. High reach tries to find something, but he is met right away by Patrick Search Han the all American cornerback.

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