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You Tim you spent. You've alluded to the fact that you spend time as an engineer at companies like sybase in silicon graphics you spent four years as a CIO, of Kelly, ten core before nearly six and a half as the CIO facebook and I'm curious. You're part of a growing group those still a pretty elite one to go from the ranks of chief information officer to founding company and and and being the CEO of that company and I. You've alluded to some of the advantages of your time at facebook that you've incorporated into the lessons of it they the value of a great engineer, the the graphical way of of setting up technology here just as you did a facebook, etc the talk about the of of Cio we says, it was implemented by you. And the advantages of having held that position now as a CEO and founder. Well I, certainly in the business of a technology company and so having to to build a technology company to have some. Understanding or or death in technology, which clearly CIO's do because they're the center of it for their companies. But on the other side of the CIO role, which I think is directly relevant here is that. Business leaders much more than the these engineering receipts IOS. The CEO's job is to translate a business objective into a technology strategy whether that's making your company more efficient or helping to lead the digital transformation of that organization or minimize risk or some degree of all of the above optimize supply chain. Every company now has at least one, sometimes three or four critical business objectives that they need enabled through technology Ashworth, give to their CIO, and if they hired the right people, the CIO is leading the charge on that for the business. And that understanding of the business is been a key part of my success both as a CIO and now as A. CTO I'm I it's given me a very well rounded perspective having worked at K. La Facebook as a cio I understood the finance strategy of those businesses I understood You know what was the deal fees for every single acquisition that we did and what were the critical objectives that needed to be able to? Achieve those guilty sees what is the hiring strategy or the the service strategy? In the case of Kelly tencor and house at tied to the success of the business? Why is that important how it is automation technology feed into that understanding these different aspects of the business helped me be very, very well rounded as a leader and now then as a cio able to use a lot of these same skills to to run my own company. A fundraising his eerily similar to what it's like to go get funding as a CIO right have to go talk to people who have money and get them to willingly give it to you when they may not necessarily be predisposition when you walk in the door to do it a. so venture capitals are capitalist not that much different from. CFO, they want to see numbers they WANNA see business strategy they WANNA see that risk is mitigated. and. You know these are things that are really really well because we have to do it every year sometimes twice a year sometimes every quarter just keep our budgets flowing and You know another thing is when you get into a recruiting, it's sometimes hard especially at a company like facebook and even A. Company like Kelly Tinker. How do you attract the best talent into your organization? We got to tell a story that's compelling. Kelly tencor is not going to hire the best it people because it's going to pay them the most because that's not its business strategy. So you need to have another reason why you're gonNA work at Kelly in court the IT Department because we're doing some amazing things that nobody else has done before same thing on facebook I had a different problem if we were going after the best technical resources where we had a competitor inside the company who would. Be Willing to steal, which is the engineering department, and so rather than fight that we joined it and we said, let's just be better than many of them in telling a story of why it or engineering united facebook is actually. You know as interesting or more interesting than working on WHATSAPP or instagram. or a messenger, and so we get that, and so we became very good at appealing to things other than just the. You know the the basics of the job, the company name, and the salary. Right. What's splits the mission of this organization? Why's it important and we're doing the exact same thing it will. Be are hiring engineers were asking them to take a risk on the company with take some of their compensation in equity that or private Knows, what it's going to be valued. In in order to do that effectively. Good. At appealing to people's hearts. Not just their their minds and their intellect meant. So we've been good at that working with customers as very similar to what is like working with customers is the Idaho again, you have to influence them you have to understand what the problems are in, translate that into what is my product do you and so all those things are similar and I feel like the cio roles actually done a fantastic job preparing me for. The. Role. I'd say a couple things that. Are Ingredients in addition to that, which are mark character attributes. one is Know willingness to take risks. Some CIO's are in roles where that's kind of hard to do, and it doesn't necessarily reinforce that character attribute. I've always had that as who I am as an individual is led me to do things that have helped to my career but have also been uncomfortable and time Definitely, you gotTa have that in order to be. A. Ceo a startup key you to be willing to big big big scary wrist. you know and I think a second thing is is is courage. You know you takes courage to do that stuff..

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