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Loyal listeners know recite with me or my the top five films of the year. I had the Irishman at one eyed two eyed nineteen seventeen to three. I'd last black men in San Francisco at four amid so marred. Five marriage story at six blinded by the light seven to eight. So I think the academy did a good job of recognizing what were the actual best pictures of the year and if it wasn't going to be the Irishman that was real that it was parasites because that was as I said on unforgettable movie experience so you talk about not only the film that I feel was rightfully rewarded but incredible moments. It was Joe. Would parasite went best director and Best Picture. I mean that was where were you moment right one hundred percent so so happy to create in history and I agree with you. uh-huh anyone who's seen the movie knows why one it wasn't just because of the diversity issues because the film doesn't fit into your typical categories and it's really really really good so I'm very happy for I mean it was like I said Bongino himself was surprised by the fact that went director picture other surprises of the night toy story four winning best animated film. This was a weird one. Missing Link won the Golden Globe Klaus took the Anti. I thought toy story four would still win but I think for some as a bit of a surprise I does we just just as toy story. Three did back in twenty eleven as I said disappointment here for the Irishman and I don't know is this on that flex maybe there's backlash against networks or some of that listen in Steven Spielberg's processes good friend and said listen. Networks should not be nominated for Oscars. It's not fair our movies in theaters for three months. And they put on you you know home. DVD or on-demand whatever. He shouldn't be able to put a film in in a few theaters Nelson per annapolis within a month. So I think as some net backlash yeah and has Minoa Darcus will tell Alice. There's some backlash against the movie itself. People thought it was too long or too slow or too boring. All criticisms I disagree with but ultimately Irishman goes some empty-handed which is a shame just like gaze of of New York another Scorsese film which was viewed as a front runner. At one time over ten when it comes to the Oscars as I mentioned m listen another obviously great great artist and lose yourselves a great song. But I just I thought it'd be said why the hell it was there at the Oscars but maybe that's just me. It'd be nice sound like ninety years old now I was all about Randy Newman. A Randy Newman performing a month. Let's go. That was a great moment and Elton. John Congrats to him. As I've said before on the PODCAST I did not expect rocket man and I thought it was fantastic. I think that songs ex- pretty good too and I thought his speech was very nice as well. So congrats once again to Elton John. Other moments of the night. Listen as far as the awards if you can do well with the shorts. That's where you're really doing good good and once I've knocking those out you know hair love for animated Short Matthew Cherry from NFL player. I believe costume design a little women. Production Design once upon the time in Hollywood adapted screenplay. I wasn't sure but I went with Taika over Greta. GERWIG and indeed Taika Waititi wins which is hysterical because he took shots at Todd Phillips and Typos was complaining about making comedies today and sound like just another frustrated angry white male. Who's like Oh yeah woke woke audiences? Now you can't make comedies tycoon. made a joke about that on twitter and takeaway to win an Oscar in the category against Todd. Phillips Joker I thought was poetic justice so that was something I particularly enjoyed. Joker did win two Academy Awards awards. Which means I'M GONNA have to face life this way? What Kim Phoenix Wins for best actor? I mentioned the bizarre speech calves milk and also one for score as expected. Helder coming through. Although I was sad I wanted Thomas do and win for nineteen seventeen but they did do a good job of course is spread. The wealth around marriage story lone victory tough night for Netflix. Lone victory from industry goes to Laura Dern for best supporting actress who would want everything coming in and after that I mean like I said it was it was fairly fete accompli. As far as what was going to happen. You knew Elton enjoyed going to win. Best original song. You Deacons was GONNA win. I mean God. They should just rename best mcfee. Roger Deacons performance because fifteen nominations. He'd gone over thirteen and now he's a two. Now my guys on a hot streak. He wins for blade runner. Twenty forty nine and nine wins for nine hundred seventeen. That's something nice to see. oftentimes you think about editing lining up with picture did not happen this year you're although Perez was known for fomenting Ford Versus Ferrari wins for best editing but of course was had no chance of winning best pitcher although dig a nomination so that's the way things went down visual effects. I thought the Irishman Mike PLA Upset. I mean on my scorecard I had over ten and I went over to and I thought visual effects it might win but it was one thousand nine hundred seventeen makeup and hairstyling pretty easily bombshell comes through their congrats to Michael Boo Buick who actually had predicted former guests and a foul. He was messaging me on right. Alan parasites going to win so unforgettable night surly for the ostrich Joe your thoughts in the ceremony itself lack of a host a lot of music. What stood out to you? I'm glad you said it. I mean you're right. Steve Martin Chris Rock should just hosted it the whole time. I'm watching the awards. I'm thinking why don't why don't they just bring back a host. Because I want the monologue I want the transitions. I want the jokes on all of that. And what you said a coming out. I Love Journal Monet but I also just that as the opening number number EMINEM was really confusing all of it again. Joaquin Phoenix's speech in the calves milk. What you just like all that just struck a little off to me? You know what I mean so my big takeaway is bring back the host this award ceremony twenty three point six million people watched it this year down from twenty six point five million from last year Adnan. Wow so three million hit. That's significant man. Yeah twenty percent drop in total viewers thirty eighty one percent drop in the demo. Because I know there was a slight bump a year ago with no host. And we'll do it again but that that may cause rethink things that certainly precipitous tipplers. Drop all right. So that's the story when it comes to the Academy Awards once again. Thank you for supporting us all year. Long here and Sinophile and in the weeks to come. I'm going to turn our attention below more away from movies now because we all know most movies in the sphere in every good so we talking more. TV shows as a matter of fact next week in file I'll talk about the miniseries the outsider currently on Hbo starring Ben Mendelsohn and from the great writer. Richard Price also talk with Kirby enthusiasm by next week it'll be halfway through this tenth season and also utopia pitfalls coming out soon on Hulu. A man Randall. Thorne all over that. So we'll talk about utopia falls as well and Al Pacino is going to show coming up on hunter called hunters. I don't Amazon Friday February I look forward to but once again that was Oscar coverage we.

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