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A special moment of special memory. Man is a former property owner, former resident of Shaver Lake for a number of years. You always hear me complaining about how much I missed that home, three bedrooms, five stories and closed two car garage. I mean, I loved every moment up there, and the on ly reason came back to Fresno. I was for my kids. I mean, they were, you know, worried about Daddy getting old and living alone up in the mountains with his dogs and blah, blah, blah, blah and a nice old home opened up in the corner, just a few doors down from my daughter's house, so I grabbed it. Made the movie and then of course, both my kids moved away. Life, isn't it? And, you know, not being sound Financial Foundation. 24 7 to take on two mortgages. I had to let it go. Even though to this day, I hope it's safe from the fires have I loved at all? But you know, from Boy Scout camp camp you want to keep for many years to a resident, even having a shaver grabbed the old You know, emotional impact on me with my father. I got to know a little later in life. He loved it up there. It's him. Very important space. All of the mountains are and I'm on fire. Pardon the pun with anger. Because we all know this could have been avoided. This is something I have been talking about on this programme for decades, the reluctance of the state government of the environmentalists in the Sierra Club of the NRDC and you name it to allow forest maintenance the way it should be done, and he's done in every other state in the union and something that President Trump has been screaming about, along with the Interior Department. Even the Fresno being its ailing persona now recognizes in an editorial that the timber industry needs to return and operate in a safe way to be an integral part of forest management and the suppression of wildfires. And it gets worse every year. And the left keeps getting worse every year, banging the drum of climate change every year, which is complete bullshit, too..

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