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Do in earlier today taryn do want to tell people we can't talk while you're doing earlier today you're gambling oh yes yes he's doing you're gambling craps the robot actually decided to play some craps so i thought that was very cool yeah right right before i came up through the podcast lost your money i did i did lose some money but having some fun here in reno so make sure you check out the the updates our morning and then of course thursday night after the double vision we will be live talking about the every everything that goes down on that double of action very very fun stuff hopefully will be going on we'll see who's around to to join us on that that podcast and check out my taryn show interview with kirsten very very fun stuff really recommended it was very fun time she talked about her experience you obviously can't go into detail about her experiences gatecrasher but she could talk about the emotional impact that it had and so we talked about that a lot fun stuff there even though it was also sad okay cool it was funny we we also talked about neo pets and how she used to scam people out of their poor little pets and ruin their lives so fun really does belong in the devil category she she also isn't a fan of scifi monster that's here in seventeen of a monster yeah all right well thank you everyone for joining us it's been very fun podcast you can follow us on twitter at armstrong taryn brent is at one lucky gay melissa is at its melissa with three as makes you check out the rupaul drag race podcast that rent is doing anything special heading coming up for that funds season gosh darn it it's really really fun season ten obviously just the the queen's that are on the season a really great i encourage all of you who have not watched people's drag race before to watch it we've only had one episode and the person went home could i mean you didn't miss much but the first challenge was really fun.

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