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Now through Labor Day hurry in and save fifty. Dollars on select Weber spirit grills plus get free assembly and delivery on any grill three ninety nine and. Up only at ace offer valid for ace rewards members on September third store. Sokoll meets participating store for scheduling and. Details I'm Jay Farner CEO of Quicken Loans buying a home should be one of life's best. Experiences but today's fluctuating interest rates can, leave you with unexpected higher, payments and that can. Turn a great experience into an anxious one at Quicken Loans we've created a new way to protect, you from unpredictable interest rates it's called the power buying process we check your income assets and credit. To provide you with a verified approval which can give you the strength of a cash buyer, once verified you qualify for our exclusive rate. Shield approval I, we lock your. Interest rate for up to ninety days, while you find your new home then once you've found your new home if rates have gone, up your rate stays locked but if rates have gone down your rate drops and you get to keep that. New lower rate either, way you win call us today at eight hundred quicken or go to rocket mortgage dot com racial approval only. Valid on certain thirty year fixed rate loans call for cost information and conditions equal housing. Lender licensed in all fifty states last number thirty thirty Additional conditions are exclusions may apply and now. A page from the diary of Flo dear diary there's. Something, about protecting people's homes through progressive that inspires me 'cause I just had an idea for. A book well it was originally an, idea for a movie based, on a play inspired. By a podcast but the idea is how you can save when you bundle home and auto might, not be the best idea for a book save an average of seventeen percents on car insurance when. You bundle home and auto through progressive maybe a radio commercial guess we'll never know.

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