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Really nothing there that can make someone say. Wow you know this is gonna be a springboard for this guy to go ahead and do some things. This isn't you've done. Other mitchell turned it down. Zion williamson turned it down some players that really of used that slam dunk contest to kind of up there up their presence within fans of the nba. But they said nossa. Remove a forward. So the hawks. The question is going to be with the atlanta hawks. Newly i bring this up as to build them much broader topic than i want to get into because look the western conference. I saw that game last night. Between the l. a. Clipper the la lakers clippers of the celtics. But i also saw the second game. Which was the phoenix suns. And the los angeles lakers lakers were without markelle saul without cal. Kuzina lost to the sons. Even though devon booker got jetted kind of wishy washy type of call there but chris. Paul played a fabulous floor game. The sun's let basically from pillar to post goodwin solid win for the sons to to surprise team. Whoever thought of a team an nba basketball team. That was owned by robert. Server would be in the position that they're in right now but he was dishing of chris. Paul deonte Deondraye aiden has played much better. Defensive skills have gotten much better. His expansion of his offensive game is getting better. He's been a positive influence And he's been a great asset for paul. The work with. I like my bridges being the three d guide. Bench is strong. I think monty williams is one of the better coaches in the nba. You put all that together especially with the momentum that they had off of the Bub experience that they had this past this past season going down to land. Orlando it kit. It can only help. So the suns are no joke. Couple of hiccups for the utah jazz but they still remain. I think as a right now. The best team in basketball until anthony davis comes back. The lakers are gonna be sputtering. Just a bit. I think that the break for la is coming up at an opportune time. Quieter focusing on back spasm. Here was a guy who missed the game last night. He just the boston celtics poetic. Even without kawhi the clippers plate well despite losing boston starting to turn things around namely kemba walker starting to turn things around playing much better. Marcus smart is still out. The celtics still have problems especially with tatum and brown getting to the rim finishing at the rim but still tatum brown still to all star players in their early twenties. Who you want to continue to develop continued to build around again kimber walker. I think it's going to be the king So the celtics turning around just a little bit. Good victory over the kawhi. Leonard lewis los angeles clippers but next the western conference. The western conference still has its meat and potatoes to deal with with eastern conference bringing this up. Because look you take a look at three teams philadelphia brooklyn in the those are the only three teams in the conference that have that are at least two games over five hundred you take a look at the seatings between four and twelve the number four team in the eastern conference in a number twelve team in the eastern conference botanist number four. They're currently eighteen. Seventeen one game over five hundred. Four games ahead of cleveland who number twelve seed their record sitting at fourteen twenty one now..

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