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John Fass. Sports play college football in a moment. But we begin in the NBA where Jimmy Butler is finally been traded. He heads to the Sixers along with Justin patent while the T wolves acquire Robert Covington Dario Sarge Garin Bayless in the future. Second round pick on the school board the Lakers cruised past the kings, one hundred one eighty six warriors stickier than once extreme one tenth the grizzlies stopped. The Sixers in overtime one twelve one zero six the Spurs dropped the rockets ninety six eighty nine twenty seven and ten for lamarcus Aldridge. The wizards picked up just their third win of the year. One sixteen one ten over the heat Mavs knocked off the thunder one eleven ninety six pelicans cruise past the sons one nineteen ninety nine bowl slip past the Cavs ninety nine ninety eight clippers tripped up the box in overtime, one twenty eight one twenty six and the raptors took care of the Knicks won twenty eight one twelve to college football where second ranked Clemson clinched a berth in the ACC championship game for the twenty seven seven win at number seventeen. Boston College, Texas blue seventeen point fourth quarter lead but scored with twenty one seconds to go. They beat Texas Tech forty one thirty four Georgia took down Auburn two thousand. Seven ten Notre Dame hammered, Florida state, forty two thirteen LSU dropped Arkansas. Twenty four seventeen Oklahoma edged Oklahoma state forty eight forty seven as the Cowboys potential game. Winning two point conversion fell short with one zero three to go. Michigan. Crushed crushed. Rutgers forty two seven Iowa State drop aller twenty eight fourteen Alabama blank Mississippi State, twenty four zip West Virginia south past TCU, forty seven ten meanwhile, Tennessee looking hand eleventh rank Kentucky its second straight loss right before the end of the first half guarantee. Back.

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