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Not Be caught dead there, and now all of a sudden they're seeing Robin Williams or seeing. Broadway musical kind of comes back the enemy. Pat, Carroll. Earl. Woman. Brilliant but you mean, even she is mimicking Howard's delivery in house. Demo. GotTa. Course. He provided a template. Word that is still. Valid and still being a used you know. Because, it's so solid. And revitalize the Broadway tradition. Both. In films and on Broadway where these same films ended up as stage music and listening to other people who are still shaping that right now about how he's the one who said, the song needs to take you somewhere you yet from here to here. Yeah we were clearly we were all just knocked out and unusual theater nerd that alone for me this is everything but then also being Prime Howard age where little shop is one of my favorite things ever. But for one person for the beauty and the beast and Aladdin and Little Mermaid three of the longest lasting. And we I mean we we had a great studio. We had like muster and clements and brain wise until. We Katzenberg Roy. Disney. So the all the elements were there but I always say Howard was like the matching the gas tank he was like the. Not sure. All would have come down to the same way. Had Howard now showed up. Because we have the talent, we have the CAL. Arts Generation, my generation. PASSIONATE WE WANNA, make films better than Disney. And you know we didn't make musicals. We made movies that had songs in them. They want musicals. Our comes in and says, no, no musicals this you put the highest points of story in the songs we went really and and so that kind of education at the right place at the right time was so inspiring. Hearing that from talking to John, and different people That's. To have all of you feel the same way. You know. With the quoted from Roy Disney that said he was like Walt Disney to us and I just thought well, there's a testimony. Exactly. That's no it's. It's an ad to tell you. So my husband, my husband came home and I was about halfway through the film and walked in and. He sat down with me and was sort of playing on his own, and then I saw.

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