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The last guys before him, I believe may have been Deandre ayton and Luka Dončić in that draft class. Guys that are just like hyper elite prospects. I didn't have any tier one guys in the 2021 NBA draft process, including Anthony Edwards, lamella ball, all of those guys. So I would not have any tier one prospects in the 2022 NBA draft as of right now. I'm sure that penny and I at the end of the season will probably go through this and answer this question in a bit more detail. And try and rank prospects compared to other draft classes and all of that fun stuff because that's a really good gauge in terms of how good these prospects are is we kind of dive deeper and deeper into the NBA draft season. But I would say that I certainly would not have any prospect in the 2021 NBA draft or any in the 2022 NBA draft class. In my top three in the 2021 class, so I had kid Cunningham one Jalen sucks to Evan mobley three Jalen green four, I would not have any of jabari Smith Paul ban Caro chat home grand Jaden ivy within that top three. I think that you can make a case that jabari Smith is pretty close right now for where I am to that Jalen green ish level. I would still probably take Jalen green even given the kind of concerns that we've seen, removing that, removing the context of his struggles early on with the Houston Rockets, just remembering what he was with the G league ignite last year as a high level scorer who put up a bunch of points and had an immediately translatable skill set in terms of shooting, shot creation ability to get to step backs, explosive athletic ability, body control, everything like that. I frankly think I would still rank jaylen green just slightly ahead of the jabari Smith palo banquero class at this point. So I think that once you get into all of jaylen green, Jonathan, Scotty Barnes, I think that I would probably take Paulo over where I had Paulo and jabari Smith over where I had Jonathan kuminga and Scottie Barnes last year in that third tier kinda all to themselves. Whether or not I would take Chet in Jaden ivy. I think that those two right now are pretty close to that level. I think I would probably default more toward jet holmgren being ahead of that group. So it'd be a ranking of. Cade Cunningham, Jalen suggs, Evan mobley, followed by Jalen green, jabari Smith, Paula banquet, Chet home, grin, and then I think I would have both come in Barnes ahead of Jaden ivy right now. So it's a weaker class at the top. I think that that's the best way that I can frame this. It's just a very, very tricky class right now to evaluate if you have a top 5 pick if your team is going to end up with a top two pick in this class. I don't think it's quite as strong as what the normal draft is..

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