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His are crawling on Gerry McNamara eight six six ninety right I coming up on the bottom of the hour we will get to some of the specifics that are in the two trillion dollars Senate bill which is now going to the house and they should vote on it tomorrow morning sorry for earlier I thought it was Friday already I was trying to help because they voted because don't they have to have debate the debate everything's gonna be going on today that I write have a vote tomorrow but just for the average person out there before we get to go to anything else I mean anybody who makes gross gross adjusted right I believe it's a just a gross adjusted gross adjusted it's really good it's a Greeley gross adjusted yeah no it's you just a gross yeah under seventy five thousand in single or under a hundred fifty thousand couple right joint filing mmhm you will get the full twelve hundred dollars right then also reduced all the way up to ninety nine thousand personal a hundred ninety eight thousand per couple right but you'll get you'll get twelve hundred per you get twelve hundred for the adult and five hundred for every child what you have so the average family if you've got husband wife two children you get thirty four hundred dollars that you received from what I know in the next two weeks yes in fact it will be like a tax refund and so if the president were to sign it let's say Friday let's say they pass it with a voice vote it's it's expected to pass the house because Justin Amash was the only one saying he was not going to he was gonna stand in the way of a voice vote they're not gonna he said he's not gonna do that yesterday afternoon I doesn't like it but he won't stand in the way of it so they get that done Friday morning gets to the president's desk I don't know as soon as maybe I Friday evening or Saturday morning he would sign it and then the the treasury department right then would have full authority to start issuing them if they if they vote on it Friday morning it'll be signed Friday morning I I I would hope I yeah I think so I love Walker right over the like I would think so yeah eight and you would probably you know just for the optics of it all well the optics of it all you want that boost for the stock market how well Friday you sure can and but I mean for the optics of at all you're probably going to have representatives from both parties standing behind the president as he says I'm unemployment mmhm you can make more than working some will make more than than some American now right you'll make more than what you're actually working six hundred for four months or four months six hundred dollars will be added on to whatever the state will pay you and it's extended to people who have get works like yes uber drivers and and things like that contractors if you were gonna if you you know had a business a small business or something and you were the basically the proprietor and the only employee that might be expended extended to you as well which would mean that you would get I mean while you're gonna get thousands of dollars a month at least for four months through July thirty first yes here is your forecast most of the nation today we'll be seeing plenty of sunshine from the northern through the central and southern plains North Dakota to Texas.

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