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Bridges with mass transit it's on or close to schedule. Next update in less than ten minutes. I'm Jim hub master in the KYW twenty four hour traffic center. Forecast overnight heading into the morning. It'll be clear and cool as we dropped down to forty one degrees for the rest of your Thursday, a mix of sun and clouds with a high of sixty one for Friday thinks change it'll be cloudy and cold with rain, especially late in the day on Friday. The high forty nine right now at the broadcast center, we have cloudy skies. Sixty one degrees here fifty nine Junie out of park and minoa fifty eight and fifty four degrees right now at the acme in Paoli sponsored by meet your favorite local supermarket. One of the oldest original structures in the nation is Christ Church located right here in old city, Philadelphia. And it's a need of some serious preservation work on its steeple fundraising efforts are underway. In KYW's dumb. Mcdevitt. Was granted access by the church get up there and get a closer look price. Churches main structure was completed in seventeen. Forty four many of our forefathers like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin bridge congregants the CPA was at it in seventeen fifty four making the one hundred ninety six foot building the tallest in the country for about fifty years after all those years in sustaining a nineteen to wait lightening strike fire. Restoration is needed. The steeple is currently leaning twenty two inches and stabilization and other repairs are needed the rector of the church. The Reverend Timothy suffered led me up the steep. Oh by climbing up rickety.

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