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Me it real quick context. I've always struggled with drug gratitude journals. I love them. I think I think they're sweet nice idea. But it just doesn't work for me because I'm grateful for too many things I needed something that brought more tangible results, I created a what's going right journal where every morning I journal about what's going right in my life, and man, as we know by human nature, it is it's so much easier to focus on what's going wrong. The one criticism week, nor the ten compliments week, nor the things that are going, right? And having a daily practice of acknowledging what's going, right. Not only does it. Bring awareness to it. It has a tangible result of bringing your attention to seeing more things going on year right in your life. That are going right in your life. Which to me it creates a positive flow. Oh, so that I couldn't overlook the opportunity because I said so obvious to do it every morning. Well, added the sad thing for me is I really wish that I had heard that last year. I do a post at the beginning of every year called my three words inspired by Chris Brogan where essentially instead of making resolutions, you write down three words that are like your themes for the euro sensually and last year one of my themes appreciate which was about finally maybe hopefully trying to appreciate the things about accomplished. And the, you know, where I am in my life and kind of the what's going, right? And that was really hard last year. And it's you know, it's still not easy. But it's something that I'm definitely working like that idea of the what's going right journal. And even more importantly that you didn't mention that. You also have a column for everything that's going wrong because you'll fill up real fast. Get exactly and at actually practice of retraining the brain because by nature we see which wrong were wired for survival. So we see the threats more than we see the sunshine. Ing right. So that's why the what's going right journal. It's not only. Not a good practice. You actually are retraining the brain to see more of what's going, right? Yeah. Now, totally data. Jeff. You're I expected you to be a great guest on the show. I really did. Because you know, you're fantastic host of your own podcast. And I've heard you on other people's podcasts in your, and we talk, and you're just awesome. So I expect you to be good. But I think you were even better than I anticipated would be so thank you for non tell people where they can be social with you. And learn more about what you're working on. And just how they want to, you know, get in touch with you or do work with you where they can, you know, keep up with all things Jeffrey Shaw. Well, the website is Jeffrey Shaw dot com. Jeffries, J E F F R E Y at an why people spell it wrong? But it's like dot com. And but in addition, you'll find Instagram Jeffrey Shaw Twitter, Jeffrey Shaw one so not hard to find me on social. I'm pretty active there would love to connect with whoever wants to reach out goo, and we'll put all of that in the show notes along with plenty of info from this up sewed, which was rich and full of so much. Awesome sauce. I can't thank you enough for coming on and setting side, the time to chat with me on Cheryl, and I guess I had to call this episode anything, I guess, I would say, it's Cheryl. Waiting. The show's not over yet. I have some important announcements if you made it this far, you're clearly a dedicated fan or you're in the middle of vacuuming and just haven't hit stop on your podcasting. Whatever the case, we wanna thank you.

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