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Radio goes one on one with Jon Bon Jovi to ask what's important for him to keep doing, I guess continue to be allowed to make records from my label. I mean, if I was told to stop making music I be, you know, really upset about it. It's a part of me. It's always been a part of it. So the opportunity to do and share it with his many people is I've been blessed to do it with his It's fascinating to us. Trust me. We don't take it lightly, but we also don't take it too seriously. There's a great humility with being from New Jersey. Keep listening to I Heart radio form or Bon Jovi and all your favorite artists. Yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right, Let's go. Traffic boy. All right, fine Job job. I'm ready. But hang with me on this because things have gotten a little more complicated with the wreck just before the Brent Spence Bridge while heading on to the brand Spence Bridge. You're ready. All right, Here's what we're going to do. There's injuries involved with this wreck. So on South bound 75, both of the right lanes are blocked off approaching the bridge. The wreck is just after you get the merge from West bound for Washington way. So what they've done is they've put out flares and the right lane coming on south bound 71 westbound. What Washington way is where all the traffic from 75 is merging. If you follow me, all right, So if you are coming through the tunnel and you're going across for Washington way, get over in the left lane. That's the only one that's open for South bound 71 right now because all the traffic from 75 is making that merge at the last second to get across the bridge. Father? Yep, Complicated. Told you got a little more complicated than a headache. Don't do that. It's not worth that from the You see how traffic center that you see health. Wait while center offers solutions for life changing weight loss visit, you see help that Com slash weight loss to take the next step. Always looking good eastbound to 75 after an earlier accident near Witton, chucking from NewsRadio, 700 wlw Forecast lot of sunshine. Today We have the 42, which denies overnight tonight, it's clear close up to 29 tomorrow 46 with some sunshine and out.

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