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The sharks. I'm Justin Bieber. And this is the all 33. It's the chair that moves like idea. I mean, guys living this perfect posture. Got my chest up, shoulders back. I'm really funny. You gotta sit This is it s Oh, it's just they didn't end up buying into it. But so the Justin Bieber pull had nothing, Nothing helpful. It's Is it a good product. The person wanted the half a million dollars and nobody bought into it. Most notably, I think turned down by sharks, though, because it's their own money that they're investing the ring camera. I think somebody brought the ring camera to the shark tank and they didn't buy into. And now look at the ring. They're not always gonna be right there gonna with absolutely Netflix making Huge announcement After this past year of probably raking in money. Netflix is going to release a movie every week in 2021. Every week every week to my right totaling 70 movies, which means that obviously, some weeks they'll be, too. And I'm assuming that will probably be more like the Christmas movies. I feel that they released a ton of those cheesy Christmas movies. Aaron Rodgers is going to guest host jeopardy. You know, One of my idols Growing up was Alex Trebek, you know, and being being able to be on jeopardy years ago, even though my wardrobe outfit was the greatest choice, everybody's dresses very bad on that show. Yeah. This is a statewide test of the Ohio Emergency Alert system originating from the state Emergency Operation Center in Columbus. This is only a test. The Ohio Emergency alert system has been designed to provide the public with timely warnings and emergency information. Had this been an actual emergency. You would have received instructions and information related to that emergency over this and other stations in your area. This concludes this test of the Ohio Emergency alert system. Mm hmm. All right. Does that count as a three thing? And this time we're all good on that front, Right? Right now they decide they're going to do this. I mean, honest to God, you We've got the impeachment. We've got turmoil of the capital of a sudden you break into the minute. Your that thing you go. Oh, my God. Now what? At least it works a test. It's just a test. So Aaron Rodgers is going to guest host. You know, obviously there looking towards who's going to be the next replacement of Alex Trebek? I thought it was just a done deal that Ken Jennings was gonna get it. But it's like, Let's test that everyone for the job. Aaron Rodgers is good and he's funny and commercials. I think you'll do you know he's good. He's witty. Having any busy playing football. Yeah, but is it Ryan Seacrest? Busy? The guys everywhere, you know? Yeah, but this is the NFL. Ryan. See, Christian girl is that I can do it right. It's not that hard a job, but play being a quarterback going to the good by the way a quarterback and I see check these guys. They're you know, they're good chance to go to the Super Bowl. Is that you? I know they're recording this a while ago. You got some other stuff I got worried about again and the NFL is Was six months out of the air no less. You know, training camp, maybe game. Maybe it's over for Roger. Maybe it's like I'm gonna retire to be Alex. You're taking the job. I want a free tires. Yeah, I would sum We talked about Kim Kardashian and Kanye at least twice says the rumors of their divorce. There was some rumor like whoever started this blew up of actually the night of the capital. With that Kanye was now dating Jeffery Starr, who is a youtuber. And has his own makeup palette. Jeffery Starr has since come out and said, I have no idea where this came from, but I've never even met on us. So no, but I kind of went the other way. Now. What's going on? What? What? This is some serious team. But Jeffery Starr has since come out and said, Look, I've never met the guy, but I have no idea where this is coming from. Well. Kim was spotted out not wearing her wedding ring in her engagement ring. For the first time. I I don't know. When I look at this Kim had that robbery in Paris. Oh, yeah, Right. Right, 34. I don't four years ago, She puts her whole life out on social. And that's when it comes to most certainly changed the game for her. She stopped doing that. So the fact that she was out without her wedding ring to me. I don't automatically go to divorce. I mean, yes, I think about it, but it could potentially be because you know, the thing is worth millions. Millions of millions of dollars, so she decided to leave it home. I don't know. Maybe she There's a lot of me. Maybe she's having a clean Takes a full day to clean really does take the whole crew, like, oh, dot comes and they scrub it down like a bridge like that thing could be dropped on the ocean floor in the tight maybe should public water. Wait. I didn't fit a little tight. She's okay. I gotta just put that pandemic flu, so between them, you know, I just think about this could go amicably and I think because it's Kim. Qaida and I would hope that it would go kid amicably. But Kim is worth at least $750 million from her contracts with keeping up with the Kardashians, which just filmed its final episode ever last week, and her makeup line K K W beauty. Uh, easy. Kanye was just named Forbes billionaire. His uz. He's got music world teas. Together. They share $5 million worth of art 3.2.

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