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Support for this npr podcast and the following message come from go to meeting businesses count on go to meeting for simple reliable online meetings with nearly sixty million friction lists meeting supported each year go to meeting is where real work gets done at goto meeting dot com live from npr news in washington i'm jack spear of authorities in washington state have yet to confirm how many people died when an amtrak train travelling at about eighty miles an hour derailed while going across an overpass this morning dozens were injured thirteen railcars creamed off the tracks over busy interstate 5 between tacoma in olympia austin jenkins with northwest news network is at the scene of the crash still a very active in but the rest he he can be over now what we've got our investigators out on the track we've got the beginning of what looked to be the investigation and what will ultimately be very expensive and timeconsuming clean out to get the twelve or thirteen rail cars and locomotive cleaned up to get them up off the freeway still not clear what caused the derailment though officials say it's possible to train struck something before jumping the tracks it was the inaugural run on the new route between portland oregon in seattle said many seven passengers and seven crew members one board the train in congress the republican written tax overhaul is gaining momentum ahead of a series of final votes npr's kelsea snow reports several key senate holdouts but outs their support for the legislation ahead of a vote the could happen as early as tomorrow maine republican susan collins says she believes the tax overhaul fail unveiled last week we'll help middle class families and grow the economy she announced her support for the bill in a lengthy speech on the senate floor while it is by no means perfect on balance this reform bill well provide muchneeded tax relief count as one of several gop holdouts who have come on board in recent days including utah senator mike lee wisconsin senator ron johnson and bob corker of tennessee their votes will be critical to passing the bill republicans have a narrow majority in the senate and senator john mccain has announced that he will miss the vote as he recuperate from the side effects of cancer treatment kelsea smell and pr news the cap.

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