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Thanks to Chris Sherman for that report, while listening to that with me, is Agnes pouria, whose journalist and an author most recently of Notre-Dame the soul of France. And as we're going to have a flick through the French papers, but I just wondered what your feelings off the back of that piece are in terms of Macron and his relationship with Europe. Well, I mean, I completely agree that is the young ambitious optimistic voice for Europe. And with the departure of Angela Merkel, having been in power for 5 years, he sounds and behave as if he might be the optimistic leader of the EU. I slightly disagree with what was said about his. Relationship with Vladimir Putin, especially compared to his challenges for the presidential elections. If you look at Marin le pen, of course, on the far right, even further where on the far right, and on the far left, or admires, almost psycho fans, really, have Vladimir Putin. Emmanuel Macron is not at all appropriate in any way. Also, what he said about NATO a few years back when he said it was Brenda actually was the fact and the events have vindicated him not that NATO was Brenda, but that a European common policy in terms of defense and security was something that Europe really needed. And it's something that he was almost a voice in the desert when he was saying this 5 years ago and now it seems something that is self evident Europe needs to be able to have its own security and defense policies and not always rely on the U.S. for this. Let's have a look at what the French papers are saying today. So the Parisian and express both have articles about the far left leader. Yes, well, John is this very interesting figure of French politics is really changed. He's 70 and he's been with us, at least politically active for 45 years. I've always known that John McMillan also, he was part of the Socialist Party once, is now much more on the left than he used to be. He's also in the last few years, had embraced some dodgy pauses and controversial views, but still the French really likes only been on perhaps because I would say one of the best, if not the best, the raider of the National Assembly. When he speaks people listen, even if the disagree with him, he's got something with the French language. And also he can be extremely funny. So he's very, very popular. And he's got 5 days to actually overthrow if you'd like my parents that the president's challenger. So both the Parisian express are looking at what they call the last battle of the lion. And it might be the eldest candidate, but is also lost technology. And just imagine that, tonight, he will be in 11 different French cities at once and how does he achieve this by hologram? And something he started 5 years ago. So in 11 different French cities in France, it will be present. It will be, I think, in little in the flesh and in hologram in ten other cities. So that will be interesting. And there's also something on SnapChat. I used it yesterday. I tried it. And you can have genre men on show in your living room. By hologram. It works. And it's quite funny. So yeah, extraordinary. And so really manage to get to the second round. We'll know on Sunday, certainly believes it is possible, and it has that fire in him, which is extraordinary to see, but you know, he's got 5 days left. Yeah. LeMond is looking at what happens the day after Macron's were almost certain reelection on April 25th, tell us more about that. Well, I wouldn't say it's certain. Let's say it looks probable. So very interestingly, that it won't be the end of the affair, the end of the story on April the 25th, Macron is elected, fine. But then the battle for his succession will start straight away because he will be he won't be able to seek a third mandate because that's the law and also remember his party is very young. His party is not very well implemented and present on the whole of France. And he completely depends on a coalition of allies of alliances. And so it is interesting now that you have the figure of edouard Philippe, his p.m. prime minister for a few years. Who comes from the right from le Republican Party. And he set up his own little party called horizons, and you will be seeking, I think, to unseat his former political family. Just and to support president Macron's new majority, the National Assembly. So that's the right wing of Macron's party and on the left. Former heavyweights of the Socialist Party, like Jean Pierre Chauvin, they've just set up their own little movement, let's say, the name is the federation progresses, the progresses federation, and they will represent the left wing of immersion party or grand coalition if you'd like to reprise a German. Term. So that will be very interesting because it's coming the legislative elections are taking place early June. And just finally before we go and yes, I know that your apartment looks out over Notre-Dame and in fact your last book released during lockdown was Notre-Dame that the soul of the soul of France, and I know that you monitoring what's happening there very closely. How is that rebuild going? Well, it's going well, but archeologists are making discoveries almost every week. So two weeks ago they undoubted sarcophagi. In lead and extremely well preserved and also some remnants, very beautiful remnants of praying hands, the head of a sculptor, man. And also vegetables with traces of color paints, and so of course that will slow down the process and they will need to excavate all those fines and discoveries. And it's extraordinary that 9 years, 900 years after it was built, you still find things. So yeah, you should check out the Instagram account of Notre-Dame de Paris. And you will see all this. And it's really extraordinary. Excellent. And yes, thank you very much indeed. That's Agnes Poirier there. And if you'd like to hear Anya's talk about her book, not to damn the soul of France, just to check out our archives, we had a long conversation about this overlooking Notre-Dame in Paris and you can hear that conversation on meet the writers. This is the globalist stay tuned. UBS is a global financial services firm with over 150 years of heritage. Built on the unique dedication of our people, we bring fresh thinking and perspective to our work..

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