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To bellevue on 405 is fifty two minutes westbound 520 he has slow go from 84th across the water all the way to i five westbound i90 really heavy now as you leave 405 across mercer island to the water it's going to be rough out of this quiet as you head towards the west like smashed parkway from front street northbound 405 solid through the renton scurves north on i five is heavy from midboeing field into downtown seattle the west seattle bridge eastbound australia from thirty fifth over to i5 southbound i 5 click attack drive driving like to kuala area a crash partially blocked the ramp from click attached to southbound i five and in bellingham the roadways closed northbound i five because of a crash so stopped traffic from highway eleven which is old fairhaven parkway is where it stopped so the roadway is close right there your next look at traffic at eight forty four marina rockinger komo news jeff winter from the komo forecast good morning see a few breaks in the cloud yeah we're going for a mix of sunny clouds really to get us through the rest of your mid morning and even into the afternoon still quite thick with fog across the south and that will burn off two so good chunk of the day's gonna be dragged but we are going for more rain through the evening and a lot latter half of tonight as another system comes our way showers will continue tuesday into wednesday it's going to be wiped it's going to be windy come the thursday of this work week and in clearing out just a bit friday and saturday at a downtown seattle right now mostly dry conditions and forty three degrees on these type eight thirty six geologist say a fractured a hillside near yakima could collapse sometime in the next six weeks maybe as soon as next sunday a crack on rattlesnake rich threatens to dump four million cubic yards of earth into a quarry below and beyond governor jay inslee visited the site yesterday of the nature of the slide could be a very concerning the.

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