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For our women listeners. Today I was just wondering if you could share any sort of insights as to what exactly where the hurdles that you had to overcome in order to get to where you are today at. How exactly did you overcome them? I'm sure it would provide immense value to not only our female listeners but also the rest of our audience as well. I wouldn't call them hurdles and I win. Call them specific female hurdles right my personal experience. I don't think I've I've I've had those. I think they're just you know growing hurdles and going for when you want and I often conferences on women in power and things like that then I always tell people look at you know what's holding you back in that's always most of the time anyways fear and you have to determine what is that fear what is based on and for Women One. Common factor is the lack of self confidence. That comes from the fact that when we grow up We're often told at the table. Were commended for B Wyatt. For not speaking out. You know you're such a good girl you need being ladylike and stuff right off the you know at the table. You're such a good girl. And went voice saying are functions and everything that's expected from them so they could leave the table the conspiracy taymor whenever it's Kinda like you know. It's okay guys like that and girls are like that and then we go to school and at the same thing and you tell girls. Oh you're such a good girl. You put up your hand when he wanted to speak employs just our on again. I'm trees ready in makes a difference between the boys and.

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