President Trump, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


On my heart radio president eager to get home. I Mary course study. Fox News. President Trump's Doctors say he could be discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center as early as Monday. President Trump Tweeting a video today, saying he's doing well and even briefly left the hospital to wave to his supporters. Outside Trump campaign. Senior advisor Jason Miller joined ABC is this week to discuss the president's condition. They did have the opportunity to speak with the president for about a half hour yesterday, both myself and Bill Stepien, our campaign manager, and the president sounded pretty good said he was doing very well is get back on his feet and cracker jokes and asking questions about the campaign and grilled us about what we're going to have some new TV ads to show him how he's feeling good in talking about this. Meanwhile, former vice President Joe Biden testing negative for the Corona virus, making this his second Negative test results in two days. Biden says he will participate in the next debate with President Trump as long as the necessary safety precautions were taken. Biden's campaign says it pulled all negative ads once the president was hospitalized on Friday. Trump camp, calls the claim a publicity stunt and says that Biden attack ads continue to run. Fox is John Scott. And during the first presidential debate, President Trump claimed that Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, had received $3.5 million from the wife of Moscow's ex mayor and demanded an investigation. Republican California Congressman Devin Nunes agrees with the president here. You have The media, which is the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, ignoring all of this ignoring all of this for last four years, and now you have on a debate stage. Why did your son get paid? $3.5 million Roman, a Russian oligarchs. So here they've been blaming Republicans have something do with Russia in the whole time they have something do with Russia. Former Vice President Joe Biden says the allegation about his son is not true. America is listening to Fox News. From the Maas Nissan Traffic.

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