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Obviously now the problem with that one is that you know, Von Miller is a guy that You know, dealing with him off the field issues currently, but also is going to be 32 next season on, you know, it's coming off, you know, season ending injury, So you know, you look at that one. And maybe that's one that you you have to switch out Von Miller for Bradley Chubb on Give up three first plus through locked plus Tim Patrick. You know, I think that one would sting the Broncos a bit a bit. But again, I think that's something that you have to be willing to give up. So I picked. You know one of those two, but I think you're gonna have to give up some good players. I mean, I think that's the key to understanding. The thing is Whether it's Justine Simons or Bradley job or even in the league. Reid who I know that even the most flashy name, but he's played a lot for the Broncos last few seasons and has provided a lot of depth. Maybe even a von Miller who I know is the beloved guy around here. You know, you're gonna have to give up. Not only some, you know, really good draft picks, You know three, possibly three first rounders, but also some star players. And I think that that was the point of the story is it's gonna take a lot to get Watson and you look at you know a couple of other teams that You would think their favorites in Miami and for Jets may have a lot more to offer, And they also have more first round picks to give on, and they also have some young talent that they can also give up that matches what Denver hasn't I think you know one thing, though, that take into account here, eyes that walks in will have a say in this and you know, if you look at those other teams that I mentioned, you know, I think the Broncos are right there in terms of Coming in and winning immediately. You look at their young roster, the weapons that would be around them a defense that has progressively gotten a little bit better with a guy like mixed angio in charge there. I think that You know they're appealing, but you look at what the other teams can offer. It's going to be something that's gonna be really tough for the Broncos to pull off. George story, That is that, my guess, but to reiterate talking about what the Broncos would have to give up. That's the advantage that they disadvantage that their ad is that the Jets can offer the number two pick. And the Dolphins can offer the number three pick and the immediate payout, especially if the Texas they're trying to sell this to their fan base, who should be allowed to go to football games at some point in the near future, and they have to buy tickets in order to do that. The Broncos are at a disadvantage there because they don't have quite the immediate payoff, especially when you look at the way that the draft board if you believe mock drafts are starting to kind of Uh, Crystallizing stuff. You You kind of noticed that the Broncos field just outside of the really juicy first round pick range to where you could grab for sure. Franchise player. So where the Broncos consent themselves apart is by offering the NFL talent that the Jets certainly can offer. And I don't even know that the Dolphins can I think that the Dolphins This sum of their parts is greater than the individual's right. They don't have a ton of skill talent. Um, they signed Byron Jones to the massive deal. They won't get rid of him, but it's like the Dolphins. They're really good team, but they don't have the individual pieces like the Broncos. Yeah, Look, I think it's really going to come down to what is the what do the Texans front off? Think about this draft and really the next draft because If they're willing to, you know, come to, you know, have a drew lock come in for a year and you know, playoff season and, you know, likely lose a lot of games and then you go get your quarterback in 2022. Then then, you know, maybe the Broncos or the team that does get it done. But if they strongly believe that they can, you know, go out and get it. Zach Wilson or Justin Field that at number two. Um You know what the Jets pick and you know, I think the Jets are in that league, but I think you're right. I think it's You know there's disadvantages and advantages for the Broncos both ways, but it's going to come down to a lot. What Watson wants to do. Really? You know, I can see him as a guy that would Would want to go to Miami. You know, I think that, um You know, you really like the coach there? Brian Flora's, You know, you do have Ah, good wide receiver and Devante Parker. You know, there's not a ton of weapons other than that there, but you know, the Dolphins did win. I think you know, 10 or 11 games this season on you put into Sean walking in there, and you know all the sudden you're going to get a little bit better, obviously so You know, I think you look at all those teams and I think all of them you could say have an advantage or disadvantage. But I think that candidate's gonna come down to what is watching. Wanna do? What if you wanna live, you know, you know, I know that they're talking about the Texans interviewing Eric the enemy and, you know, maybe if they make that higher that can keep the shot walks in there, But I think it's gonna come down to what is Watson want to do? And Do. The Texans believe that they can get their their future quarterback? They do. Give up Watson in this draft or in 2022 or 2023. I guess it kind of depends on how long does that front office wanna wait to make their next move? Which is interesting because they also have a new GM, and it's gonna be Obviously an intriguing off season. You know in Houston and see what what they're going to do, moving forward because right now from the outside looking in, it's a dumpster fire on so it'll be interesting to see what they do and how it affects the Bronco's moving forward. What have you heard as far as you're in, although Hill in the Chargers, Is there anything substantial to that, or is it just? He's one of the guys they're bringing in. What's the What is that all about? With brain and Staley taking over there in L. A Well, I think you know right now, there's not There's not too much to go off of other than you know him interviewing. It makes sense, right? I mean, Ronaldo obviously has a close relationship with stately and during their time here and in Denver, but I think you also look at what happened this year with the Broncos and Ed Donatell obviously Um, you know, being out so many games this season as the defensive coordinator when Otto Hill was one of those guys that Victor NGO specifically pointed out that somebody that kind of took over the reins there, I've been really helped out on the defensive side of the ball when Donatella couldn't be at practice there or at games, and so it makes a lot of things I think would be probably pretty good higher for the Chargers. It certainly would be interesting to say that, you know, two of vics, you know, Assistant coaches, you know, went on for, you know, a head coaching job. And, um, you know, defensive coordinator position in the bin is only two years here and you know his record. It's not very good. And so it's interesting to see that his his coaching tree is already you know, branching out. So you know, it makes a lot of sense. I'm sure they'll bring in other people for interviews, but I would definitely consider him one of the favorites to maybe land that job. You could read more of George's stuff in either the car off springs or Denver Gazette gazette dot com or on your.

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