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Yes. Yeah. Lots of that must have been great. So who else remember one's principles versus the folks and wrestling fame, tried to get it in the rain. Breath fills myself on the mat wrestling, and we didn't see him. So the opportunity was there for come in. And just get to us. My brother, Jerry. I'm coming. Raymond. Cross up project. What everywhere. I always wondered what the mindset was for person to try and get into the ring not a good idea. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I was compared to you if you through like a little fish into a pond filled with sharks. It's just like. So we're talking about Jack, Jerry other favorite opponents. Valentine wa who? Wow. Yeah. Son will join Valentine too because after the plane crash but tell what he was like before the plane crash. He uses worker is there is. In professional wrestling. You could not knock him off his feet. No matter. What you did what you did to stand there staring you right in the face. The fans believed in one hundred percent they believed tough sold him one hour match in Houston, Texas, the end of the match I had him nearly beat so ask John Valentine and the referee for five more minutes. So in the five of the read five minute overtime. I started out on top. But he turned it around. It was kicking my ass at the overtime. So he asked the referee for five more minutes for looked at him. I said hell thinking. Journ? Come back in the ninety minutes. Ninety more minutes getting your ass kicked. And we were talking about some of the Japanese guys that you worked did you? Did you have a lot to do with ten room and all Japan? I was really so he was my boss because I he was the guy who is your wer. That's why wasn't nineties when I went every month unless stuff great worker, a great guy. Yeah. Because he came from sumo, correct? He came from so long and he gave him. Baba's over here to train with me. For professional, wrestling and. That was something that was back in the annual days. But he he did a fabulous job. Yeah. And it was a huge huge star Japan as well. He has. Yeah. Wow. Last last question for you might not be an easy one. You can pick a couple. What's what's your favorite match that you ever had or a few of them that stand out the one with Johnny Valentine was cool the one you just said, we're not just saying in Houston And and Houston. turn around want John's that I'll just keep the belt. Yeah. Three. If I were to pick out three of them would be whatever you Valentine while who Jack Brisco and Donadoni gnocchi giant baba Seiji Sakaguchi. Some of these herb. And that was the last night. We're only two months ago and and a blast with if I had five more minutes. Are you going to are you going to Russell again when's your next match booking kid? Okay. February eleven twelve but the idea is to still continue wrestling, you're gonna go until you can't go. Is that kind of your mindset? Do my best to keep myself. Jake's Cam, go. Lastly, I was well wrestlemainia to you worked that card. What did you feel of being a part of wrestlemainia? Did you think you would be as big as the Super Bowl eventually as an old school guy who came in and sixty nine here, you're eighty six or eighty seven at wrestlemainia? What did you think of that? My opinion of Vince McMahon. What are you? Hasn't changed? He's fabulous promoter. He's a genius. Stephanie is genius..

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