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Yeah and she's making fun of it and then in like modern day in ten years ago when twi that was coming out in the movies are coming out. It was like childish. Teenager like wasn't taking seriously either. While i'm not gonna get one hundred percent behind twilight and say like it is a must read for everyone who is serious about literature a you don't have to read it a the i enjoyed reading it when i was younger and actually read disappeared years ago and was surprised how much i still enjoyed it and like i was ready to rip it apart and was like i actually don't mind. I enjoyed reading up the first book series again. But i do think there are things that don't translate in the gothic like maybe it's part of the reason that it can be looked down upon or considered not serious 'cause they are some very extreme elements in older nineteenth century gothic literature in present day literature. Yeah so. I don't know. I thought we could maybe get into like what doesn't translate in the gothic specifically jane eyre to modern times Shot feels very in the moment. Gothic literature to me feels like the result of the social structures of the time. And like when you're a young like like to be in that time young educated woman to be eighteen years old. You basically have nothing. You can't use your education for anything unless you want to be alone for your whole life like a lot of times if you became a governess than that was like your fate like you couldn't really get married after that and no one was really interested in what women thought or what they had to say like the the literature that came before this. You know the novel very much developed. Four women women were the ones who are reading it happened it started off mostly as histories and romances but the more dramatic ones were the ones that did better because it was built in. Really extreme escapism. I've like women. No one was interested in their interior life and they literally did nothing except raise children like run run a home to have novels where there is this world where everything had a deeper meaning. Everything was more meaningful than there were symbols everywhere and like there were mysteries to be solved you know. There's sort of puzzles and depth and meeting hidden around every corner and sensitive weight and history to it as well. I think yes that that kind of longing for escapism arising out of patriarchy still exists. But it's quite different like if you think about twilight. They have the elements of gothic literature. They had to manufacture this whole other world of vampires and werewolves in order to have those same elements and then in order to have a guy who's really old but also in high school.

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