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Potential cracks in his story had to keep Dennis in line on message and under control in an effort to do so. Rj Hollywood card and Got Dennis a job on his popular up your TV show heart-to-heart Agyei thought he could buy Dennis's silence Frank West more he was like Rj's like like right hand man and he says you need to get him to do something because it's not good him just being idle all that time he said you get him. Let's get him in the in the screen actors guild and you get him into being the extra and you get them on you. Get them on heart to heart is the benefit him because you know what if there was the benefit me. It would have been more than just a job being an extra. I mean at that time. Extra is paying seventy six dollars a day and if he was doing something benefit me he would have given me like some bit parts for something like that. You know that would have benefited me because then you would would be making some money life is TV extra wasn't working out and Dennis desperately missed the live he had previously working in and around boats so so without Jay's approval he began to do basic maintenance on the splendor but that also became a source of stress for Dennis. I felt like I was in real danger a few times in regards to Robert Wagner because I remember I recall one time when knows stranger. It came down to the dock and he's nice. He said he said you know he's gotTa be aware of what would make him say something like that and it just made my stomach. Khan and drop and then another time I got a phone call and I wish I remember the guy's name and he told me is you know you you you you better what very careful and things you say and I thought Oh my God i. I thought I think I started to think of myself. This is something you see on TV where you know somebody's getting a their their life threatened and you know my stomach just got all he really really butterflies and I thought I think is trying to tell me something here. You know as a matter of fact I kinda still still feel that way if something ever happened I'm sure they can pinpoint why it happened in and through. Did you know so I mean if something happens. It happens The day I left Dr Wagner's house he gave me a check for six thousand dollars and he said you can probably use this. Get Your own apartment and maybe see if you can start out on your own now and they left with a six thousand dollar cheque and that was like Kay Dennis. You're on your own and that's the last last we ever contacted each other. though Dennis had left Los Angeles and was now away from Agi. In the accompanying media spotlight he remained deeply scarred by the events that took place that not in nineteen ninety-one around these time Lana was also seeing first hand the Daca more domineering side of her brother-in-law aside side that had frightened her sister on more than one occasion though she had filed to speak to him at his home after the funeral Lana still wanted to make an effort to stay dying touch and remain a family. She loved Courtney. Anna Tasha wanted desperately to stay in their laws but Agyei felt out of the woods. You remember the next time that I made an attempt all of a sudden all my God. It's his birthday is coming up. You and I was worried about him being alone on his birthday because I'm an idiot blatantly idiotic calling the house and Katie Wagner answering the phone I are an and his birthday is coming in and what are we going to do and I'll take him someplace special special and and you come in the kids in the thing and and she said Oh everything's been planned all okay you don't have to worry about anything and I said Oh okay what what's going on and she. She said we're just having a party here and I said okay great what time and she literally said to me. you know it's just GonNa be. RJ's France and I said Yes yes Katie and those were also all Natalie's friends and my friends and she said well around whatever time and and I said fine putting any pride origo aside Lana would attend odd jobs birthday party with a friend at the time Allen and I went and shopped for a gift for him and we went to the House and gave him his gift. Nothing me made it very clear that I was not welcome. There and I don't know why other than okay it's tough. Death is tough and also face that so that was it we went out into the living room and I said I wanNA leave. We're just we left and what about Natalie's daughters Courtney in Asia nothing from the kids no contact nothing. That's title whole life was turned up everything they took away so I at that point started falling apart and things on the went from bad to worse when the issue of Natalie's Fawn will when testament had to be dealt with. I don't think it was until I said to Allen on day. I said I've got to go get get another pair of of black heels because mine are are shot and he said why are you doing that and he said in the in the Will Natalie's left. Did you Oliver Clothing Oliver Firs olive her you know everything and I don't remember how it is. He knew that but I I I can't go there. I can't go to the House I just. I don't know that I can deal with it and he said I'll take care of it. So he called a couple of his friends. WHO's they rented a ban and it took them eight hours to go back and forth earth and I didn't have any place to put these things I went and talked to the mandaric's I was in an apartment. It was a two double level mm-hmm but I went and talked to manager and I said can I but things in the hall 'cause Allen was saying we'll we'll buy hangers and so she said Okay and the top floor I'd opened the door to the hall racks acts of clothing out there and the bottom floor opened the door and Iraq's clothing out there and I couldn't walk to my bed. I had to step around things. My daughter's room was filled with stuff. It was it was more than an entire flirt saks fifth avenue it was it was crazy and some mm-hmm that I remember. It just got to me one day. I said I can't I don't. I don't want anything I don't know what to do. I don't know you know and he would say just pick out a couple of things that's just let's get it out so. I did that basically very few things and he arranged to have the and I honestly don't know what happened with the rest of it but I remember Jake was in the press saying how could she you have sold her sister's clothing. It's funny and I accepted the judgment. I felt badly about myself. It made me feel like how could I have done that and and then I remember back that I was raising my daughter since she was a year and a half old I never got any help. I didn't child support. I wasn't receiving alimony on your anything. I was working to take myself and the kid and I needed money every chance I could get and yet I accepted his saying those things about the because I felt like he was right but what was I supposed to do all that stuff up then all the things that he had of Natalie's he put all up for auction and sold old letters and photos and all these things that that was okay but me and trying to live that wasn't okay. Wow Okay a little double standard. There and those are the times when I become really angry. I remember Rj contacted me through his attorneys saying that he would like all her furs and I said well I'd like to keep I'd like keep one and I said okay I agree to it and he paid.

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