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So they might say his clothes right now is five hundred million euros Sula who gets gets that half a billion euros the club go to buy contract out because that's a buyout clue. And then you have to pay the player, then wages are a completely different things. So just trying to get just to buy them won the Cup can decline at anytime, particularly if the place so they can buy them. And then legal is that will you're gonna have to pay me a lot of money because I don't wanna play. Yeah. You would be there. And then also not get them to play for you. Why? I mean, or is that all play play can be sent against that. Will you buy them? Right. Let's say Liverpool does. Okay. Half a billion. That's okay. So what we've done there is all we've done is. We've triggered his buyout close. Okay. Just a scheming. That's what he hasn't his contract because he may have had has a contract where there is no by close. There is no set amount to how you can trigger negotiations. Got it. It could be completely open ended loud. So we may have to we go. Hey, five hundred million from messy and the guy now fuck off Lau six seven I it can just keep going at that blitz. Highest buyout that's ever happened. I have no idea. I know that I think name all went for the most money. So I think he's the highest. Yeah. What was he the peel? No, he's currently in the French leak. So who's the who who's who's the best player all in the in the EP L? Yeah. Right now that comes that's biased. I now you're going to get because. Because it's it's because it's say I'd say there's a couple of the does Silva, Kevin debris, Anna, I know Belgium. Right. Yeah. From Belgium World Cup. He's good. We currently we have the best centreback defender in the while mos-, no Virgil Van Dyke. I not know that guy. Where's he from? Did he play the World Cup? He's from Holland. He. Well, Andy though, oh, they did not they what that was a big deal. Just to go back a second. I pay half a billion dollars. That's the buy out. That means that his contract is void now. I have to negotiate with messy now you have to negotiate. Yes. So that's the fee that the club said if you want to talk about how much you have to pay so you've already paid that. So that's that's now you talk too messy and you'll to get him in the room. The difference between you, and I like you care about the money and the contracts and yeah talking about the players. The hottest goalies. Some becker. Beca hundred percent. I want you to Google him eats. He plays for Liverpool. And he may also resemblance to someone may be Allison Becker, isn't that also the name of a comedian. It is also Becker. Oh this. This guy's got. Oh, look at hair. L becker. Doc head bids. Six full yet. Here. So taking. He looks white. I. Oh, I cannot ask you about the players that I know from the World Cup and asked where they play what about Harry Kane. Harry them Tottenham Tottenham Hotspur London club..

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