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Strike expected to last through Thursday now is considered the professions largest labor action in U.S. history. And with that, nurses began walking the picket line outside more than a dozen hospitals in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth. Jenny eagle calls it a show of strength. I think we have the power right now. And I know that these hospitals made lots of money during the pandemic. And it was off of our backs. Hospital negotiators say they can't afford the raises the nurses are asking for, but union members point out the key issues are staffing and workplace safety. Al shock, for CBS News, Minneapolis. Coming up in money news. 221 points. A big slowdown in open house traffic. I'm Jeff cable. One 48. Traffic and weather on the 8s here's Rita Kessler in the traffic center. Well, if you're in Virginia on 66, watch for the delays eastbound, coming out of centerville, trying to head toward the fairfax county Parkway. That is work taking Elaine, then delays from netley to the beltway with the work in the right lane. Northbound 28 before Compton in ordway a single lane gets by the work causing the backup. Inner loop, starting to slow after Springfield trying to head toward Braddock road with work taking a lane. Southbound 95 some volume crossing the aqua Quan. Then it is good into Fredericksburg. Northbound 95 three 95 actually no problems trying to head to the 14th street bridge. Northbound I two 95 between oxen hill and laboratory road, the crash is over on the left shoulder. They're waiting for a tow but not seeing a delay. Off the 11th street bridge delays on to northbound D.C. two 95 headed past Pennsylvania avenue. Southbound slows from burrows past these capital street, New York avenue heavy in both directions toward New Jersey avenue, watch for work crews. This is also causing the delay in the northbound third street tunnel. Trying to get on to New York avenue. If you're outbound or southbound on route four in the area of the suitland Parkway, that's where we're seeing a delay. So watch for any activity there. Also, we do still have the work on the eastbound span of the bay bridge, the right lane of two is blocked, the westbound span, however is running two way traffic. Two lanes east found two lanes westbound and no delay getting there. Prepare to be moved, try out the new 66 express lanes toll free between route 29 and Gainesville route 28 in Centreville for a limited time. Learn how to use the new lanes at ride 66 express dot com. I'm Rita Kessler WTO P traffic. Your forecast now with chuck bell. It is certainly not going to be a pretty day to be outside today, a lot of cloud cover and super humid, temperatures eventually reaching the low to mid

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