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Newsradio one or two point nine care all right now now let's dig into this story that mitch mccoy was reporting over chelsea tina chow four about officer butler this is just this creepy man it's freaky then informal poll all the voices in my head and they all agree this is wack manza jacked up internal affairs documents released yesterday show that a little rock police officer was serving a suspension from the department when he allegedly picked up a sixteen year old girl from the bus stop and took her back to his home for an overnight stay yea ostra jason butler serving a one hundred sixty hour suspension in april after police officials say he went back to a home he was called to earlier in the evening because he was attracted to a married woman ouch officer butler was called to an apartment complex november twenty six twenty seventeen for a disturbance police report says a couple was fighting officers offer to give the husband a ride to spend the night somewhere else to cool off now that part's normal that happens when you're police officer you got domestic disturbance right however complaint file days later alleging obser butler returned to the couple's home after dropping off the woman's husband get his keys the woman claims obser butler watt into the children's bedroom where her two year old and seven month old daughter were asleep and quote reached into her daughter's crib and robbed her leg unquote she says she quote felt as though the officer was attempting to come on to her in a sexual manner unquote i the your your police officer in uniform now for his part internal affairs officer butler what's what's the deal he said well i went back to the apartment of conversation with the the woman because i found her attractive she married you just took her husband somewhere else to chill and you're gonna try to hit on his wife conversation is his work that is in quotes and i looked it up and it's word i've never used it before but it's it's it's a kind of a root for conversation i guess.

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