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You will from the factory or the dealership they I mean they sent letters to you. But many times expansions been if you've moved or something along, those lines, you may not get you may not know anything about it. You might think it's junk. Yeah. You might not open it. Absolutely. We'll get that information to you every week. I thing also in last week's newsletter. Besides the video that I had up, which was, I think the best I've ever had an article about buying from a private seller. Give you tips on how to do that. How to be safe about doing what to look for that was a big hit in the newsletter. And then I've done a series of true stories from a former car dealer. This week's was titled lifts and two story about when. Around my Ford dealership. I had the city manager of my hometown's car up on a lift when it fell off. And I mean fully extended hydraulic lift when anybody's fault lift failed. But next thing you know there's this car on its side. Luckily no one was hurt. But I describe that for you. They're just a little embarrassing as it kinda was, and it was more to the story that tell you to Scott, Houston, Scott. Welcome. Thank you. What could they just bought an F one? Fifty plant. Life it so much. And I've ridden in doesn't even drive that you'd be the bigger. Yeah. Yeah. We're always wondering is, is there something that's not quite that, Spence with pretty much has the same features in the pickup truck. Yeah. I mean the planet. They really are. And, you know, for me, I think the F one fifty Larry it. Although the interiors not quite as nice doesn't have the big chrome piece on the tailgate. But for me, that's the perfect truck, it is just it's going to ride and drive exactly like your friends, but it's going to be probably. Ten grand cheaper, then that might be a little high could be eight. But Larry, it's got more rebates than the platinum, does platinum this kind of a special edition truck, and it is wonderful. But, you know, I mean the Larry is super nice as well. Seems to me like there may be one other model in between now. It's the king range, king ranch's stepped down from the platinum. And then below that Larry, so if they were me, Larry would be plenty it would make me really happy. Yeah. Like that lockable cover over the bed. And just those basic features the other stuff, you know, not that you don't have to have the maximum luxury type articles that he has on. Yeah. So maybe that's I think that's a good one. I think that's a good one to look at because the interior still is really, really nice by. You know you don't you're gonna miss some of the wood, grain and things on that he's gonna you're gonna say, on his that you're not going to see on the Larry. But I tell you what the Larry has gotten nicer over the years and just a few years ago that was the top of the line. Larry was as you go. The king ranch's, which is a whole different truck with all different interiors Tom Ford's my guy, hor, hey, Lopez been with me for years. Great guy. I'm here in France, going to try to get you to talk to his guy, which is fine. But be sure you talked to Horry to and connect with him from car pro USA. Dot com, because I'll promise you believe he will give you the best deal anywhere in south Texas, appreciate the call. Let's go comes out here car pro USA..

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