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To contrast that gerald's game does the opposite the exact opposite where gerald's game is brutal to watch heartbreaking terrifying precisely because it speaks to a difficult to otherwise see truth about what abuse feels like and and this. This just doesn't do that. It doesn't quite know what it wants. Those scenes to do i think and it is just uncomfortable like it's just on. There's not it's not like problem at it. I don't think that everything that you dislike has to be like morally bad but it is artistically a as you mentioned earlier it actually would have been better if it was more campy. Yeah could've because then you have that layer of artifice. That like fakey nece that you can kind of hide behind that you can engage with it on a more abstract level. If you're using catch up instead of blood. I would've liked to see the disney version of this movie owe. I wouldn't i think i'd rather die. I just i feel like i don't. I don't honestly know how you could do. A better. And i was thinking about it. I don't think that you could make a better movie. But i think that you could make a way fucking better. Tv show interesting because this story just needs more time to cook. There isn't enough space in this movie to really get all the layers that you get in the novel. I mean in the novel. You're talking about themes of alcoholism and intergenerational abuse of family. You're talking about found family in about the kindness of strangers about internet connectivity in the modern age and how that relates to children exploitation but also how it's empowering for the younger generation to get in touch with people like them like it's dense and you just can't get to that in the timeframe that this movie allow when you're as awesome as mike flanagan and stephen king and everyone involved in this show when you rule that much. It's hard to have the humility to not tackle certain things like you. And i is artists. I sure don't tackle stuff. Yeah that's true and in this time talking about the way. The internet affects children brings up for people thoughts of the cunanan cult and conspiracy theories about human trafficking and real human trafficking. Elyssa probably like the biggest and worst and most obvious thing that exists in the world. Is this topic an i as an artist. Not saying anyone else do an. I'd you would choose to just let the not someone smarter is going to deal with it for sure. He'd someone way smarter. If you're going to talk about chatting up. Joe we need whereas malala. Can she come talk about it. 'cause i don't need it. Yeah toy i think the..

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