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Night. Packers football use radio WTMJ Milwaukee. That's 702. It is 28 degrees clearing sky tonight cold and frosty all of 24 along the lake alone. 18 inland from the WTMJ breaking news Center. I'm Tony Bet on a mama E need 911 audio being revealed in a murder case involving a former Milwaukee police officer, the attorney for the family of Joelle Ossa Veda, releasing the audio the night of the incident that led to his death. Former MPD officer Michael Maddie, only charged with murder family advocate Torrey Low tells Wtmj. The evidence against Mattioli is clear. You could hear Officer Mattioli shouting slurs, aggressive language, the F bomb and then you hear a lot of gurgling like somebody destined for air. MPD says they have no comment because of the ongoing litigation. Maddie only will be in court again in March. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell says the Senate will not leave until the stimulus deal is reached. How will miss that when you're dealing with a $900 billion bill? Different problems? Different areas of difference? Keep popping up, Senator John Thune described it today is wack a mole each time they solve one problem. Another one emerges, so they're still haggling, for example, over the stimulus checks and exactly how large they should be. Who exactly should get them? Yes, is Nancy Cloris the government relief package to age struggling businesses and jobless workers? Sena's essential is getting the largest economy back on its feet here at home, Wisconsin unveiling a new tool. Next week, I'll curb the spread of covert 19, a new mobile app set to launch next Wednesday, which will let people know if they've been in close contact with someone testing positive for the virus..

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