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I was called green on piano Jamie pharaoh Sanders and Joe Henderson on tenor saxophones Ron Carter and bees and Ben Reilly on drums it was preceded by those come bios from nineteen seventy six Warner brothers records release eternity when a plan that edition Alice Coltrane an organ we heard Charlie Haden on base Ben Reilly on drums Armando Peraza and Congress anything Bally put predator player discredited as a friend a couple of announcements after play domino's are done we're back a little bit anyhow going around you know how can I played her last time Nina Simone this time we've got link you track I mostly playing because it's a link the track from nineteen seventy two emergency ward me doing a lengthy cover of George Harrison's my sweet lord including me David Nelson poem today is a killer another couple Nina Simone tracks after that but this one recorded live in nineteen seventy two at fort Dix in front of a bunch of soldiers it probably did not want to be killing people in the Vietnam War the color released on the RCA Victor record label these announcements doing my sweet lord phone tears make Dane county a better place to live for everyone nominated outstanding volunteer for United way's community volunteer nominations are due by February twenty first two nominated individual group business or nonprofit go to United Way Dane county dot org slash see that was nominees will be invited a track to the called community Atta Corinne volunteer awards luncheon on April twenty composed eighth by.

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