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U. dot org and fair warning final warning we're discussing this movie spoilers and all so if you have not seen Joe Joe rabbit but you want to do not send me angry tweets because we spoil the story just listen to this conversation a little bit later at the one A. dot org let's pick up with that last comment from Janice who emailed I'm reminded of the play and funny film the producers that has a play within a play that spoofs Hitler I tell my non Jewish friends that it's okay to laugh while watching John would you react to that this idea of it being okay to laugh at a movie about Hitler about the **** about the suppression an extermination of Jews I think it's really tricky issue and certainly the the people that I've talked to who are most upset by the film tend to have relatives who are Holocaust survivors so I think that is an important thing to remember that's sad remember the great dictator came out in nineteen forty and the movie that I would really side it's a bigger influence on title I TT is the original to be or not to be by Ernst Lubitsch that came out in nineteen forty two also a comedy about **** and I think this is important distinction you can make jokes about **** you can't make jokes about the Holocaust but it is also important to remember that word a point in American history and I was just looking this up there was a study last year by the conference on Jewish material claims against Germany two thirds of American middle millennials could not identify what Auschwitz was and twenty two percent of millennials said they'd never heard of the Holocaust so you have to remember that we are living in ignorant times at a movie like this even if it's a satire even if it's a comedy in this is part of Tyco I tease intention can tell a younger audience and remind them what happened during the war even if it's a comedy even if it off Hitler is an imaginary friend it's important that people remember history because there's a lot of people who have forgotten Stephen I remember when Schindler's list came out in ninety three won the academy award for Best Picture as history and fate would have it directed by Steven Spielberg helped to bring attention to the show a foundation which documents the lives of Jews and was released by universal picture which was founded by Carl Laemmle who was a German Jew but I remember that when that movie came out and started to run high schools all over the country including mine there was a little bit of a flutter of like can we show this to high school like freshman like this is three hours of super realistic holy crap Holocaust horror like I don't know if I want my kids to see this it seems like this subject is stormy on both sides whether it's a truly realistic drama or total social satire yeah it's it's a very difficult issue of how you address this history in almost every film that's dealt with the whole cost is received kind of mixed reviews about whether there were those who criticized for instant Schindler's list when it came out and said that it it focused on the aspect of rescue and perhaps over emphasize that and then maybe Mitchell a look a little bit too much like the hero of the story right or that it it emphasize that aspect of that and and kind of down played others but I think in so you're going to run that risk that no film and I think it's expecting too much to say that one film is going to be able to deal with with the Holocaust in its entirety in its all its complexity but I think they can each in some ways educate us about particular issues and I think Joe Joe rabbit doesn't I think Schindler's list does that I think you know the great dictator to be or not to be does that and honestly frankly if you're looking to be educated on the Holocaust you should come to the United States Holocaust more missing like that's the place to go to an institution that is designed for this but I do take the argument about the depiction of Hitler and Tasha your review of Joe Joe rabbit for the verge is titled type a white tee tees Hitler comedy Joe Joe rabbit means way more Hitler what do you mean by that mostly what I meant by that was that I felt that the the most successful aspect of the film what is the relationship between Hitler and Jo Jo Jo Jo is marginalize child he's suffering he's struggling and he creates this image in his head of a six what he sees as a successful powerful leader is validating him he's leaving him his giving them all sorts of messages that it seems impossible to imagine the actual Hitler giving to a child and even even in the clip that you played you can you can hear that with him going on about octopuses and how how the or they're going to be welcome in his kingdom I believe you mean run I suppose this program will definitely run octopus absolutely doesn't want those nationally and running around Goring and grabbing everything he ate scaly gray arms it just it seems to me that I I don't know about the educational value of the movie because it's so wacky and out there on a limb it certainly could lead people curious intellectually curious people in the right direction but just as a purer subversive comedy all of the room all of the wealth there is in that relationship if you look back at take a we TV's previous movie hunt for the Wilder people that's also a really innovative fun and enjoyable family drama slash comedy about a younger boy struggling with acceptance and an older man who he befriends and the dynamic is very similar there and I think a lot more successful than here where the focus shifts really sharply to something that's just not as innovative just not as as out there just not as surprising and strange let's get to the phones now eight five five two three six one a one Hey let's begin here in DC were a Lisa is on the line Hey Lisa what did you think of judge a rabbit how many stars out of five and why yes my husband and I just saw the movie this last weekend and we haven't stopped thinking about it since we give it a five star we thought the acting was superb we've seen many many Holocaust movies and and this was just one other way to bring about the message and we just thought it was excellent how do you reflect on these movies that deal with the Holocaust or or Holocaust related things you said you seen many of them how do you kind of determine if one of them is and I know I'm being very reductive but with one of them is a good movie I think anything we can do to bring the subject out I appreciated your previous person who is speaking talking about the recent information that we have now that says how ignorant people are on the actual Holocaust itself anything we can bring out about that time period I think is effective even if it's done and off kilter way like this one was in terms of making fun of filter I still think it's educational and it would provoke people to think and perhaps maybe look into it a little bit more Schindler's list was another one that yes there were some issues with how it was done but overall I think it was very thought provoking and that's what we need in this time where do you draw the line a lease I mean are are there certain intellectual barriers or intellectual tests may be your personal barriers for you where you can kind of discern where a movie that goes through these themes just goes too far that's that's difficult I think to where I would object as if I would see a movie and I haven't seen that in the recent past where the Holocaust is depicted in a in a dishonest fashion and I have not seen now where it's one thing to make fun of **** as another to glorify them if you will so that's where I would draw the line I think that movies that we've seen coming out in the recent past has has done a good job in a very different way each and everyone of them to bring about the story line and and try and and discuss this bring this up for discussion yeah Lisa I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts thanks very much for talking to us before we keep going on the line Stephen the statistic that John mentioned in terms of how few young people could identify outstrips the concentration camp or even who really understood what the Holocaust was how is that possible that actually makes me angry but so few people understand that ten million people including six million Jews gypsies gays and lesbians you know Jehovah's witnesses the handicap but millions of people were slaughtered by the **** how do you not know this why doesn't the whole country what is in every child in America no what happened when you raise a good question and it's not just a problem that we face the United States but this is a problem that that also affects many places in Europe and other parts of the world I was talking to someone from Sri Lanka some some a year or so ago and he told me he said you know in many places in Asia Hitler's a hero but they don't know about the Holocaust they only see Hitler is a hero and that he was a nationalist United this country at center and so that there is so that we face a danger to as high as as things recede into the past the people forget about that in the importance of this history and where hate anti semitism and racism lad and I think it's you know it's up to all of us to kind of make sure that future generations are educated about this tragic history Kevin emailed I saw Joe Joe rabbit this weekend at the Virginia Film Festival in Charlottesville four out of five stars it's filled with funny and wonderful moments that made me laugh out loud but.

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