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My dad, so you and I said Dad. What are you doing and then looked again and realized that it wasn't. It was looked like spirit, not a human, but it was floating at the end of the bed, they they didn't say anything she said. I believe it was my grandmother, my Dad's side, but I definitely saw something like an apparition a spirit. She said I was never scared. Though and that's something that happened when she was about ten. Who've? Served on a jury several years ago for a rape charge halfway through the week long trial my husband at a jazz game, the national anthem started and was being sung by the guy who is on trial for rape. Whoa, where does that? She's like nobody will believe this if I. How weird is that like I know you. That is an unbelievable story. The one that I have a story that's and I've told it before, and it just sounds it sounds so unbelievable that it's that story that happened to me in a bow. What was it twenty twelve? I think twenty thirteen in the everglades, and when I was about two miles away from the car, and it was summertime, and it was this, so it was near the everglades. Kind of technically I mean not like in the preserve, and it's this fact hatschi preserve, and it's like way out in the middle of nowhere and hiked away from the car. And, again summertime, so it's probably about six thirty in the evening, but it's still plenty of daylight. And all of a sudden I hear something you know cracking like the rustling. Something's running in. You know again the swamp, and it's happening in front of me, and I'm looking and I'm like what the F. is this what it's coming towards me? And then it runs, and I see like it's a deer and I. It's something chasing this deer. And then all of a sudden. Chasing it. Tax I hear this thump and I hear the deer scream once, and then that's it and I'm like. Oh, my Gosh! Something attack this deer, and it's about maybe you know eighty feet from me, and there's you know kind of trees and brush and stuff like that, so I saw it, and then I saw that glimpse of the deer. And then you know head to the left, you know because it's coming towards me Dr off to the Left, and then again screaming and then nothing. And at that point I knew something and attacked it so when my mind I'm going through him like okay. What is it and I'm trying to get a visual on this thing and I am so I'm trying to lock in because again. There's some stuff that's blocking it and I see this this tale and following the tail so in my mind, and it took me a few minutes, even after the fact to process what it was, but it's this long tail and I'm going up. Bear it's not a bear you know Bob cat, and like they have stubby tails, and I'm trying to figure out what this is, so follow the tail up I see kind of like the body kind of and then out sudden Bloomberg's is they lock on me. And then my heart almost threw up. Like this holy crap, so as I'm walking backwards to the car for the two miles I didn't turn my back. realized. It was a panther a Florida Panther, so and then when I got back to the hotel room in Miami I google the area that had been going to at that point for a couple of years, and there's a panther preserve panther. Habitat that is really close to this preserve, but it's like a about five miles away. I found out, and then they had some pictures that somebody posted net. They were National Geographic in that exact spot where I was it was a mom and cubs, and those those panthers had encroached into this preserve a couple years ago so I had been going there for a couple of years had. Had had no clue. I mean they're all around the state. So there you know even in the panhandle and stuff like that, but they're so elusive, and there's not a whole lot of them. There's not there's not a ton of them, but there's more than there was. You know because they're protected, but I saw this panther. Like way clear, but I caught the whole thing. Go Down Right in front of me so when I tell that story, it sounds so unbelievable. Yeah, but it's just crazy to. Even I can't believe you walked backwards two miles. Yeah, I have a hard time walking forwards. And it was the road, so the car was part, but it was you know got to the road, and I literally walked back to. I would not turn my back. Frank, is it because at that point? He took the a few minutes to figure it out. I'm like Holy F-! It was a panther and I was afraid that this thing was gonNA. Come up behind me or something so I. Walked all the way back to the cards scaring. Turn my back! It's like Oh. Look desert all right Let's an agent number. Five twenty seven is backpacking by myself in Alaska. So this guy's like Little Frankie at my campsite. I heard several footsteps and sniffing. It sounded like dogs grab my knife poked my head out of my tent. It was a pack of wolves. Wolf surrounded me I had bear spray and a flare gun, so either I get mauled up or killed or I survive so growling started by the wolves, and they were in attack mode for no reason they ran off. No one believes me I. Believe you, and that is terrifying. Now I've read some stories with that, and they they they surround you, so you'll see one and then all of a sudden you might see another one pop up behind you and then another. Another one. That's what the way they haunt shook. That's a great story. I know that was one of my favorites. Law Text this one said when I was younger, seven or eight, my sister four years older than me, and I had a sleepover whereas some friends house, we did the whole bloody Mary thing in the bathroom. You know nothing happened. So, what are you stay with it because I? Don't I know that, but I don't really I. We didn't really girls always. Say Bloody Mary three times. In the dark. And then something supposed to. Okay, yeah, so that night I was laying down. Everybody was asleep and they had you know the House that they were staying at had an Iguana cage with a red light, above it started flickering on. I looked up the set of stairs now sleeping, you know the bottom and there were two red to green is glowing about eye level of an adult and black figures for bodies. I was one hundred percent sure was bloody. Mary and her husband was terrifying. I closed my eyes, super, tight and rolled-over to fall. Asleep As we'll get coming up in the ten o'clock hour when we come back in a few minutes were going to tell you what else we're throwing on sports. The body count topic coming up here. You've been listening to the ninety seven one ht Frankie and just show podcast right here on iheartradio. So before we get into some text here, that came into the show, eight, nine, four five. This is kind of interesting. If you're into scary movies, apparently, this is trending right now and we've talked a little bit about this movie before. Because a friend of the show, his name is jared Phillips he's a local guy. He's an actor Let's see he's produced and directed films, and he's a really good guy and he's been on the show. Yeah, don't show several times and one of the movies he's and he's got a small part in it, but it's called hereditary. So did. Have you seen it? It's. Yes Stomach some watched it, so tony collects in this one eight, a two thousand eighteen film, but it's trending because people are taking the social media because they're like even watching the trailer, but watching the movie people are like I haven't been able to sleep in a week. This movie, so so did you watch the whole thing or I I to stop it. Did you really yeah like? Yeah. That's a lot because you love that Stein Oh. Yeah, can you without giving too much? Like what was it? That was just cordless a Gore, or is it more psychological, stuff or gory? And then it turned into like Kinda like possession. Ish, from what I remember I watched it awhile. Yeah, so it came on two thousand eighteen. Yes, scary, just from the PREVI- forget it. Yeah, like there's a little girl in and yeah, and I love Toni Collette. She's a great. Awesome. This is one of those Kinda it sounds like a like a cult film as far as wasn't huge but there were people that love it and yeah, so people are now just it's Kinda Gone I. Guess Trending or whatever, because people are saying. They can't sleep after raising. You're watching it. That's what happened to me after Amityville horror with Ryan Reynolds Knock good I'd sleep for weeks, and it's like so not even the original like the originals Reginald I saw the remake Oga based on a true story and do all that just screen shot from this hereditary. That's a nice crafts in the home. It's on fire and I. Thought that was kind of interesting because like I, said our friend. Jared Phillips's in that movie. That's awesome all right, so here's what we threw out. Out We're talking stories. It's a story that you have something that happened involving you and it's one that you just don't like to share, or maybe when you do use afraid people are thinking. Okay. Whatever you're your, this isn't real. It's an unbelievable story and you might be a little hesitant to tell people a to nine five. He said we had some some stories leftover from the nine in the eight o'clock hour. Do this one. How bounce we did that one other.

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