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And that's what bell doesn't have as far as it doesn't look like guys come back. Tidy come back. We. Tony thousand Eric Dickerson bat moved to the Cowboys when the NFC east after taking care of the buck Sunday Prescott did just enough for Dallas going for a touchdown running for another meanwhile on Saturday. Lamar Jackson threw for two hundred and four yards for the first for over two hundred yards for the first time in the ravens dominant win over the chargers. I'm since Lamar that was dominant says Lamar was named a starter. Both quarterbacks at one five games, but are doing so in completely different styles with the mar- dominating the ground game and Dag doing it through an officiant Aerotech. This is fascinating in terms of which of these two quarterbacks. Do you trust the most headed into the postseason, and it's fascinating. Because one Baltimore is only going to ask Lamar Jackson to do what he can do the would occasionally butt lead that running game. I don't think it'll be enough though in the postseason. That's why I would choose Dak Prescott. Even though I believe he's very limited in the passing game. And even though I think Dallas sometimes ask him to do more than he can do. They're going to put him in harm's way. But eventually you're going to have to make some throws in this Lee. And I just think right now Dax Moore quipped do it than Lamar. I don't think so was in those elements went to the chargers game fully confident because my co host told me ODA rain's gonna get stopped yard charges. Our sitting there with that kind of arrogance. Oh from play one even boy. Hey, ravers look better than the charges. I was like, I know then I was I dig on wake up and realize they're playing a real team. The more Jackson has grown in confidence with his arm. He didn't have I didn't see one errant throw. I saw good incompletions saw balls hitting guys in chess so fast, they dropped it or defenders defenders make tremendous play. But in terms of. Of incompletions and bathrobes he's grown and confidence to pacits that's more for him to underplay charts more for him, and he has a live arm. There's going to be a problem in these playoffs with that defense the way that they control the running game and time of possession and a quarterback who starting to believe that I can throw the ball. He can fling it with the best of. I mean, he could fling it now is it going to be accurate all the time playoff football. We're going to stop the run into tech plan b football yet to be seeing. But in terms of him being one dimensional that was today's news. This do out there and beat the chargers and he beat them because he was a capable quarterback. Even in a positive was incredible. Deepens was incredible. I mean, look which Prescott for sure I mean that could never had. He's only been with threes had never had a losing losing season. She's been there. And I we with you sometime as Dr do too much at that position. But I think he does not he knows that position better. I think he's more of a season quarterback in both. These guys are still really young. I mean, he's in his first year. Lamar Jackson in his first year. And Ozzie Newsome said I told you this before he liked him. When I asked him at the hall of fame. I said tell me about Lamar Jackson. Do you think he can plan NFL you're going to he's going to be like a shotgun quarterback? He said he can play in the national. But he said it's going to take some time. And I don't think he thought it would happen this year, but he is here right now. But still if I wanted to take I would have to take that Prescott. Well, I think the most dangerous one is Lamar Jackson. I mean, just watching him. He's electric and take off. You can go nine yards vs down his own part of the field. But I trust more. It's that Prescott Dak Prescott. He doesn't turn the ball over needed as Lamar. But I think that running game with Zico Elliott. I think that that it kinda saves Dak where he doesn't have to do too much at times the game that they won yesterday..

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