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However, much that built that was one scene in which we had to walk down to the Seine the river Seine, and they just decided not to build stays all of that money. Spent we basically than doing all see I was walking around us news, and then sort of the. Basically. School one of those things by Chun spot because. Just before I was about to walk down be like. So yeah, that was a disaster. They had an enormous set. But they just didn't own steps. That's ridiculous. God we should give out. To our co EP Matt right? He produces game where Eddie had to lick. John of work. He puts in to find the exact right objects. He had a list of probably forty that went down to ten. Yeah. Then he takes me back to the table and wants to know the order, and it all works out. Perfectionist? Ed, you do love the Harry Potter series. In one year you dressed as a member of a member of the Harry Potter series for Halloween the staff all dresses up. Yes. And the EP don't usually dress up. Well, they stopped dressing up up up after this year, Kevin still dresses up. What what were you dressed as I was Dumbledore Ellis Dumbledore? Yeah. Very popular. Yes. Sort of Harry's. Harry's mentor. Yeah. Amazing. Good. The costume was awesome. You word into the morning briefing with Ellen. I did how'd that go. It couldn't have gone worse. She looks at me. She goes who are you supposed to be? I believe that was my last costume. Yeah. If is there a guest, I believe I know the answer to this. And I'm just gonna set you up for this a guest that we have not had on this show that you would most like to have on this show. That is connected to the Harry Potter series. Well, I'd like to have JK Rollings. That's really j k JK Rollings is awesome her backstory before she became like, a, you know, she she pushed she tried to sell. She pitched the Harry Potter books too. I don't know seven publishers eight like everyone turned her down finally one took her, and it's maybe the best selling series of books of all time, and she's on Twitter now, and she's very active, and she's just a bad ass. I just think she's amazing guys. I think we need to give a shout out to our favorite known or our favorite listeners or your friend Porsche to Rossi. Whose home recovering from getting thrown off a horse and hitting your head to the that. She was on his listen Ellen like his looks for a lot of support from us. But doesn't always give it back. And this thing is blowing up and is she she's threatened by the success. And you just purposely turn away from the mic when I'm sorry. Elliot's success. Also, he takes the focus off the Porsche. Oh, no shit laid up right now. I'm so sad. She fell off a horse who she loves. She loves throwing thrown thrown from a horse and landed on her head got a concussion, but it was very scary. I have a son who's had a couple of concussions, and so you can see the symptoms, and they they texted us that night the night that it happened. And I went right to Sean to talk to him about it. And based on what she was a Porsche was describing she was feeling bad concuss. Yeah. It's you know, we're now five six days out from it. But it was a it was a bad couple hearing loud sound. So hopefully, she's listening to this podcast, very low Ellen said Ellen said one of things things bother her. And Kevin said what kind of things in Allen say we'll like light and me. I was really funny. Yes. So we were. We love you. We read about you. We hope you feel embedded for your business needs. You your business general public needs. You I'd say get back on the horse..

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