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Get I have to use I seventies. You detour If you're lucky, they all open up earlier than they say. They will, as they've been doing all along. Eastbound. I 70 the exit to come back is closed until about 5. 30. You got no problems on I 25 from downtown through the tech center. Things looking good on C 4 74 70 right now and there's nothing slowing you down on Pina Boulevard is you make your way out towards the airport. I'm carrying block Haley News radio life everywhere on the I Heart radio and fox 31 10 point Whether mostly clear tonight with a low of 37 Tomorrow Partly cloudy high 65 right now it's 48. Our top story on K O a news radio c U Student Affairs responding the Saturday night's riot in Boulder. What we saw Saturday night is a subset of our students who don't believe they're accountable for their own safety and that of our community, and that's unacceptable anytime but particularly during a pandemic. Devin Kramer says students who participated in the riot could face sanctions from the university. And he soon found responsible for having engaged in acts of violence towards police officers or other egregious ask connected to the events of March 6th. Including damage to property will face serious sanctions with the most significant violations, potentially resulting in expulsion from university. Boulder's police chief says they're reviewing more than 600 videos of the incident as they work to identify suspects. Colorado health officials have loosen some restrictions on the cove in 19 dial framework. It includes a later last call and more people in restaurants Last call for level blue is now two AM level yellow is one a.m. and level orange is midnight restaurants and seated indoor events, including casinos that level yellow may expand capacity to 150 people, while level blue can expand capacity to 225 people. As more people get vaccinated. CDC officials say that travel guidance will keep changing rapidly RAM parents can visit with and hug family members that aren't vaccinated as long as those family members don't have underlying medical conditions that put them at high risk for covert 19. But don't throw away those mask the CDC urging all Americans vaccinated or not. To avoid medium and large size gatherings as well as non essential travel. Public health experts echoing that plea for caution and patience as the number of Americans getting vaccinated increases. Karen Travers, ABC NEWS Washington, The speaker of the House says they will hold a final vote on the relief package Wednesday morning at the latest and see, Pelosi also noted it depends on when they get the bill from the Senate. She insisted she's confident more Democrats will vote for the bill. Despite changes made by the upper chamber. The Senate gave approval to the $1.9 trillion measure on Saturday. Democrats are hoping to send it to President Biden's desk before March 14th, which is the date that unemployment benefits and The federal deficit has exceeded more than $1 Trillion in the first five months of the 2021 fiscal year. A report from the Congressional Budget Office says that is a $423 billion increase over the same period last year. CBO attributes the rise to federal spending to deal with the ongoing Corona virus outbreak. The deficit hit a record $3 trillion during the 2020 fiscal year. I'm Chad Power on K O a news radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM. I'm Zack, CEO and co founder of Rumor. Intimacy is about more than what happens in the bedroom..

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