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We've talked so much about opportunities today in over the last few days when it comes to Chris Rashard how head coaching too don't come around too often. And that's true. But, you know, another -tunities don't come around too often a ticket to the dance. All right. If you're the Cowboys, you're in the tournament in your one of these teams that are left standing there are only twelve teams left in the NFL, and you are one of them. You have an opportunity to do something special. This does not happen. All the time. It's. Very very very difficult to get back to this exact spot. So you would be best served to do everything in your power to maximize and to capitalize on the position. You've put yourself in. Maybe that's what the Cowboys are doing New York. Maybe it was a level of experimentation. Maybe the Cowboys are planning on doing something different when it comes to their offense from here on out. But I think that we all liked what we saw from the offense in New York if the Cowboys compare that with how defense that was playing early on especially during the win streak that they put together. Obviously, I think we all into their team that can make some noise in the playoffs. There certainly a team that can be the Seattle Seahawks. I think we all believe that could be the saints on any given day. The Rams would be an interesting contest. It would be a little precarious to watch the Cowboys take on the bears. But you know, if the Cowboys are willing to do things differently offensively good for them because the Cowboys have had some red zone struggles that have really really really plagued them all season long. And you say that even though the Cowboys won seven of. Their last eight games. They're just a weird team in that they somehow manage to overcome an inability to score in the red zone, which is kind of the most important part of the game. But but again, they're a bit of a weird team. So that is an interesting sort of conspiracy theory, and again, that's a really heavy way to put it it's not quite a conspiracy theory. But it is a very very heavily thought thing that Jason Garrett is more involved in the offense. And we talked about this or this week and never wanna root for somebody to get fired or predicament get fired but on the subject of forecasting. What we've been Picabo coaching staff will look like next season. Whether it does or does not include Chris Chartres. I think we all would agree that it's extremely unlikely. The Cowboys coaching staff features Scotland ahead as the offense coordinator. But again, more impossible things certainly have happened. This gonna be weird..

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