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Ori granted visas traffic on the three A tale of two seasons in the cards for us in the coming days here in Boston. Today we have a trend towards summer as will feel the heat as temperatures move to the upper seventies and we'll touch 80 in many locations tomorrow. However, the hazy sunshine will Fully disappeared behind the clouds. Tomorrow afternoon. We'll get some rainfall, perhaps many of us tomorrow night in the form of just a few showers. And then the clouds break up in the sun comes out on Friday, but here comes the second season fall. Temperatures on ly in the lower sixties. The upcoming weekend looks bright, but A sweater. Maybe a light jacket will be needed. His temperatures will struggle to get out of the lower sixties as well. Changing of the seasons officially happens on Tuesday here in Boston and beyond. Right now, it is 61 degrees and hazy sunshine in the city at 8 35 on the Gulf Coast. Hurricane Sally hits Alabama. CBS News Special Report. Hurricane Sally has been making life miserable along the Gulf Coast for hours even before making landfall nearly three hours ago because it's moving slowly, the flooding could be historic. You are TV meteorologist Thomas Feeble. We just got a report of over 2 ft. And rain continues to fall over 2 Ft. Of rain in Pensacola. Okaloosa County, Florida Public safety director Patrick Matic are already experiencing flooding. Areas of our county for the next foreseeable 78 hours. We're gonna be in super heavy rain landfall was along the Alabama Florida State line. Mobile arborist Peter Towler says the damage reports are steady and devastating. The three figures air coming in by the minute. Really big ones to Sally's top winds Right now. O'clock to 100 with store moving North North east at a very slow three MPH CBS News Special Report. I'm Peter King. There's a cash crunch at the T. There are now plans to maybe cut service and maybe raise prices all of those and Mohr on the table. And W. B C's.

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