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The age of fifty three on 1954 sports illustrated was first published by time inc nineteen 56 satellite stevenson was nominated for president at the democratic national convention in chicago in 1987 thousands of people worldwide began a two days celebration of the harmonic convergence which believers called the start of a new pure age for humankind apparently i didn't take i don't think it worked out as well as people in chicago foreigner in thirty three people killed so far this year analysts are buying into that they could eight eight hundred this year oh yeah unbelievable it's doable uh vice president george bush on this date 1988 tapped senator dan quayle abuse running mate a republic in tickets and uh uh to the people dying we don't need to get into that michael phelps in two thousand eight won the 100meter butterfly by hundreds of a second for his second are seventh olympic gold medal and the beijing games tying mark spitz nineteen seventy two two record and in two thousand ten on this day china eclipsed japan as the world's secondbiggest economy after three decades of blistering growth so those are some of the highlights of what happened on this day in history traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the tens powered by tempstar art heating and cooling products usda and darling well we do have some good news that accident at six seventy eastbound threefifths team is starting to clear out right now as the vehicle has been hauled away and let us is stop and go traffic on the south side seventy one southbound between 104 frank road and to seventy i'll also an accident reported on karl road at one sixty one than other one wilson road valley you drive and a disabled track that is in the clearing stages right now on state route one of four northbound just after you pass seven sixty two this is brought.

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