Winker's HR ends Dodger streak, Reds get 4-0 win over LA


Less than twenty four hours after the dodgers. Shut out the red six nothing. The reds return the favor in shutout fashion to even the series at one game. Each in the reds can win this series on Sunday. When the two teams collide at one ten GAB Jesse Winker, lit up the second inning with a home run to center in that one. Swing the bat snap the dodgers opponents streak of twenty four straight scoreless innings Yasuo points to run single to center in the third inning provided insurance, but. The store the game today was read starter. Tyler Molly who secured his first victory of the season. His pitching line six innings. Four hits two walks five strikeouts. In most importantly, no runs is the IRA drop to three point five one in Mali is now one in five while the dodgers sorta Walker. Bueller he falls to four in one with his first loss of the season. Bueller? Also lasted six innings, but he got tagged for seven hits four runs, no walks seven strikeouts. And then there was that a Winker home run in his ERA Buehler's is at three point eight three four runs seven hits nowheres, five left on base for the reds, who improved to twenty one and twenty five. No run six hits one air nine left on base where the dodgers who fall to thirty and seventeen the reds may be in last place in the central but they're inching closer to five hundred in we. Keep getting sneak previews that the offense could be coming out of it. But like I said last night, and I repeat it again today and baseball takes you only as far as your next starting pitcher. Good pitching beats good hitting. We saw last night. We saw again today with Tyler Molly, and David Hernandez, a mere carrot in rice, sale

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