How Webroot and a Supercomputer Can Keep Us Secure


The Everyday way from San Diego our interview tech leaders and weight into entrepreneurs talk with CEO's about the partnership, told latest, including how an even SDS's the occasional computational come back to the tech blow Greider podcast now. Everyday Everyday our our interview interview tech tech leaders leaders entrepreneurs entrepreneurs CEO's CEO's told told latest, latest, an an even even the the occasional occasional celebrity ho sports team about how technology is transforming their business wrought here on this, daily tech podcast today's topic is around a company called rep route, which is leveraging the San Diego supercomputer center, which is often referred to as the ST SC doing that to more efficiently scale an update is threat intelligence platform, how by crunching data empowering complex machine learning, and that's to scratching the surface of what they're doing. But I wanted to find out more about how this partnership is allowing web route to understand and help businesses defend again. I new attacks in real time, especially because I think that's critical now because it tax or evolving, increasingly quickly, I read recently that rep the average route fishing CTO, attack jurisdiction how lowness as dropped has flown to all roughly the way from thirty San Diego minutes, and weight into talk so with book about elope, the partnership, and hold on including tight. So how I can be SDS's meal is all computational the way to Chelsea power in London can be a hundred where the times, more cost efficient compared with other solutions, and also the importance of public private collaboration in the world of cybersecurity.

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